The ART AUREA AWARDS 2015 Winners

Miriam Hiller (art jewelry) Jan Kath (carpets / interior textiles) and Tora Urup (studio glass) are the three first-prize winners of the ART AUREA AWARDS for 2015

The jurors chose from a field of 178 designers, artists and manufactories presented 2015 on the ART AUREA Internet Platform.The competition promotes authentic workshops, designers, artists and manufactories. A total of sixteen ART AUREA AWARDS, including three first prizes, were conferred in eleven disciplines this year. Jan Kath won 34 votes in the category of carpets / interior textiles. Miriam Hiller got 18 votes in the category of art jewelry, where the field of competitors was significantly larger. And studio glassmaker Tora Urup, who received 17 votes, was the most successful designer in the category of container culture.


It is for such glass art that the danish Designer received the main prize in the area Studioglass of the ART AUREA AWARDS 2015. Tora Urup, Bowl. Brownish grey

Other award winners were: Ulrike Mäder and Felix Müller in the category of furniture / objects; Studio Drift and Neo/Craft in the lamps category; and Ingrid Rügemer in the field of diverse design objects. Sofia Beilharz and Claudia Hoppe received the ART AUREA AWARDS FOR 2015 in jewelry design. Benjamin Bigot (shoes) and Vivian Hackbarth (fashion) got the most votes in the category of accessories / textile art. The winners in the art of smithing are Laurenz Stockner and Dong-Hyun Kim. Friedemann Bühler placed narrowly ahead of the outstanding turner Ernst Gamperl. Min Soo Lee received the ART AUREA AWARD in the discipline of ceramic art: as in studio glass, here too the competition was particularly fierce because of the large number of fantastic pieces.

jan kath

Jan Kath, ART AUREA AWARDS Winner 2015. Rug Make Rugs not War. Silk, tibetan wool

Several reasons contributed toward making the virtual voting challenging for the jurors, who evaluated profiles describing pieces by 178 designers, artists and manufactories. Despite all the difficulties associated with this time-consuming work, votes were cast by nearly 70 jurors, including gallerists, innovative dealers and experts in the applied arts and design. We are very grateful to the jurors for their overwhelming interest, which proves that our communicative work for artistic design and authentic manufacturing culture indeed attracts dedicated colleagues in today’s globalized world. This year’s first ART AUREA AWARDS were a good start in a unique effort to preserve and promote a lively culture. Whether as a maker, communicator, curator or instructor, each participant swims against the tide of thoughtless consumerism. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you.


The main prize of ART AUREA AWARDS 2015 in the Jewelry sector goes to Miriam Hiller. Brooch Sephimera. high-grade steel, powder-coated


Besides of the three main winners following profiles have been nominated:

The Jurors in 2015:

Beatrice Hild, jeweller, Bonn
Philip Huges, Ruthin Craftscenter, Denbughshire, GB
Beate Brinkmann, gallery owner, Berlin
Jens Biegel, designer and jeweller, Frankfurt
Björn and Eva Grossmann, gallery owner, Nuremberg
Dr. Petra Hölscher, curator, Die Neue Sammlung, Munich
Franz Motoch, Galerie Moha, Vienna
Angelika Metzger, gallery owner, Johannesberg
Ilse de Keulenar, gallery owner, Antwerpen
Sandra Nitz, gallery owner, Höhr-Grenzhausen
Kinga and Olga Zobel, gallery owners, Munich
Noel Guyomarch, gallery owner, Montréal, Canada
Stefan Motzke and Sebastian Seeherr, jewellers, Ulm
Ulrike Ullmann, gallery owner, Brühl
Marie-Jose van den Hout, gallery Marzee, Nijmegen, NL
Anne Leclercq, WCC-BF Gallery, Mons
Annegret Portsteffen, gallery owner, Bad-Godesberg
Nils Komm, goldsmith, Braunschweig
Heyeon Kim, gallery owner, Seoul, Korea
Einspieler, gallery owner, Klagenfurt
Lydia Gastroph, manager, Munich
Jochen Blume, goldsmith, Hildesheim
Fabric Schaefer, gallery owner and professor, Genf
Moseler + Reichert, jewellers, Frankfurt
Patrizia Bonati, jewelry artist, Cremona
Belly Neyman, gallery owner Reinstein & Ross Gallery, New York
Rita Marcangelo, Alternatives Gallery, Rom
Atelier Gilmar, Monmouth, GB
Dr. Monika Fahn, BKV, gallery owner, Munich
Bruna Hauert, gallery owner, Zurich, CH
Natalie Ortner, by noa, gallery owner, Weil am Rhein,
Suzanne Nabulon and Philipp Thüler, Essor, gallery owners, Biel, CH
Eva Maisch, gallery owner, Würzburg,
Ivana Špičáková, gallery KusKovu, Prag, Czech Republic
Rainer Herrmann, gallery Perspektive, Hameln
Helge Mischler, gallery Spandow, Berlin
Folkert Lübben, gallery Goldlieben, Erlangen
Professor Herman Hermsen, FH Düsseldorf
Iris Merkle, Fingerglück, gallery owner, Stuttgart
Isabella Hund, gallery owner, Munich
Karsten Schmidt-Kippig, Juwelier Roller, Chemnitz
Katrin Eitner, gallery owner, Berlin
Lydia und Rudolf Leidner, Schmuckfreude, Freiburg
Loes & Reinier International Ceramics, gallery owners, Deventer NL
Rosemarie Jäger, gallery owner, Hochheim
Simone Geissler, gallery owner, Nuremberg
Stefany Frye, designer, Neuwied
Susy Ciacchini, gallery Orfeo, Luxemburg
Petra Waibel-Grotjans, Elke Sunder Plassmann, gallery owners, München
Marion Bogda, gallery Titanblau, Dresden
Ute Dreist, gallery owner and ceramist, Techentin
Sabine Zöller-Krumme, gallery owner, Domburg, NL
Maria Elena Kravetz, gallery owner, Cordoba, Argentinien
Hilde Leiss, gallery owner, Hamburg
Annete Hager-Kirchner, gallery owner, Leichlingen
Monika Grewenig-Sauerborn, gallery owner, Trier and Luxemburg
Catharine Hermans, European Makers Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
Frederik Bollhorst, gallery owner, Freiburg
Geer Pouls, Brutto Gusto, gallery owner, Berlin
Stefan Behnke, Moquii, Regensburg
Sarah Hill, Hamilton Hill Jewelry, Durham, USA
Monica Vesely, goldsmith, Munich
Christian Balmer, gallery Viceversa, Lausanne, CH
Anna Schetelich, gallery Oona, Berlin