Ingrid Rügemer
1966 Born in Augsburg, Germany
1991 and 2007 Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, Degree in Communication Design, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, M.A. in Design: Ceramics
2001–2011 Own design studio in London
2007 and 2011 Finalist in the British Ceramics Biennial awards competition, Winner of the Art Aurea Design & Crafts Collection award
Since 2012 Own studio in Munich

Ingrid Rügemer

Ingrid Rügemer’s creations tempt the beholder to touch them. “My designs and objects are about sensually sensuous exploration,” she says. By experimenting with the materials’ aesthetics and innovative manufacturing processes, she crafts objects that ingeniously bridge the gap between the contrasting fields of functional design and sculpture. This designer crafts her minimalist yet at the same time playfully designed objects from various materials with different surface qualities, starting from bone china with a polished, silky-matte surface to smooth glass, from hard, high-precision concrete to soft textile fibers. Her main interest is on heightening our perceptual awareness, as well as on the sensory aspects of emotions and man-object relations. What also plays an important role, she says, is our striving for well-being, a sense of belonging, and mindfulness. ART AUREA AWARD winner 2015

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