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Our themes are arts and crafts, design, vintage, authentic manufacturing. The cultural quality of the articles, an elegantly understated layout and the finest quality paper combine to support high-class advertisements for products and services. Leading manufacturers, companies, museums, galleries and trade fairs number among our advertising partners. The ART AUREA print issue provides an ideal environment for promoting exceptional products and services. Leading manufacturers, companies, museums, galleries, trade fairs and exhibitions count among our advertising partners. Please double click here for the complete Media Kit 2023.

Presence with a PROFILE on +
The PROFILES link portraits and artworks by selected designers, manufacturers and artists with their galleries and stores. We invite you to become a part of a large network that can help you to become more widely known and to sell more effectively.

Banner advertising on +
The online magazine and presents the latest news and a comprehensive calendar of trade fairs, exhibitions, auctions, competitions and seminars in German and English. A few well-placed banners will put your event or your business into the limelight.

Online article with text + pictures
Art Aurea’s online magazine is linked to the calendar. This assures that your upcoming dates and articles appear when they’re most relevant, i.e. shortly prior to trade fairs, exhibitions, auctions, competitions and seminars. We effectively call attention to your event with a picture gallery and a press release. The online article will be linked to your website, it will appear on the + homepages, and it will be announced in the newsletter (which is sent to 8,500 addresses). One-time-only fee: € 250.

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