Friedemann Buehler
Friedemann Bühler
1966Born in Stuttgart, Germany
since 1996Working with wood
2002Studio in Langenburg
20112011 Grassi-Prize and Modern Jewelry Award, Art Aurea

Friedemann Buehler

In Friedemann Buehler‘s sculptural works his material, wood, unfolds an eminently expressive, mysterious beauty. He carefully selects the suitable trees, mostly ash or sycamore maple, to create his bowls and vessels as one-of-a-kind pieces or in small series. Straight after a tree has been felled in the forest, the artist roughly shapes his pieces by means of a chain saw and an axe and then takes them to his atelier to process them further. First he soaks the pieces in water and then shapes them on a lathe while the wood is still wet. When it dries, the wood develops asymmetrical shapes and sometimes even small cracks. Bühler dyes his bowls in pure black or lively red, or he bleaches them so as to obtain the color of ivory. By means of brushing and sandblasting he reveals the grain of the wood as a charming pattern of delicate lines. Thanks to their plain and distinct formal idiom, Friedemann Bühler’s wooden objects have something archaic and at the same time modern about them. ART AUREA AWARD winner 2015

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  • Germany
      • Craftkontor

        AddressKoblenzer Straße 35
        Entrance Bürgerstraße
        53173 Bonn
        Phone+49 (0)228 52 88 01 52
        TimesTue–Fri 11 am–6.30 pm
        Sat 10 am–2 pm

        ART AUREA available
      • Galerie für Angewandte Kunst

        AddressBayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein
        Pacellistraße 6-8
        80333 Munich
        Phone+49 (0)89 29 01 47 0
        TimesMon–Sat 10 am–6 pm

        ART AUREA available

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