Dong-Hyun Kim
1997–2006 M.F.A, Dpt. of Metalwork & Jewelry, Kookmin University, Seoul
2002 Exchange Student at Sheffield Hallem University
2010 Second Prize for Next-Generation Talent at the 16th Silver Triennale
2017–2021 Ph. D in Design, Dpt. of Metalwork & Jewelry, Graduate school of Kookmin University, Seoul

Dong-Hyun Kim

Dong-Hyun Kim’s enthusiasm for the teapots of Sung-Won Lee, professor of metal art at Cheongju University, was first sparked during his traineeship in 1997. He eagerly began autodidactic exercises which laid the cornerstone for his career as a silversmith. Today, after completing his academic and practical training, Dong-Hyun Kim makes his own conceptual vessels. The channeled form of the vessels’ bodies gives his work a sculptural aura. Dong-Hyun Kim uses silver, as well as copper and tin, for his elegantly curving teapots. Matte surfaces generate additional tactile appeal. In pewter, Dong-Hyun Kimer has recently forged entirely new organic vessels, in such a way that their surfaces shimmer like silver. ART AUREA AWARD winner 2015.