Sonderschau Talente – Award Winners 2017

The "Talente" show at the in Munich spotlighted works created by 105 designers and artisans from 32 different nations.

Superlative craftsmanship and clever designs are nowhere near sufficient to win laurels at the “Talente” show in Munich. Many creations showcased at the Crafts & Design exhibition within the context of the International Crafts Fair also convey meaningful contents, messages or concepts. But in contrast to fine art, they have been crafted by artisans who remain faithful to their characteristic material and genre. Eight participants have been awarded.

Talents, Adela Wiesenbergova

Adéla Wiesenbergová, Czech Republic, necklace Nude of Yakuza. Padouk veneer, 60x110x45 cm

The poetic piece created by Adéla Wiesenbergová from the Czech Republic is particularly interesting because of its lightweight, fragile appearance, its cocoon-like quality and its references to Japan, not least in terms of eroticism and traditional garments, the jurors commented.

Machteld Lambeets, Talents Design Award

Machteld Lambeets, Belgium, Brown Bowl. Bio resin, grass, soil, pigment, tape, pape

Machteld Lambeets from Belgium experiments with materials, traditional concepts, shapes and three-dimensionality. The jurors were fascinated by her creation’s sculptural aura and its surface texture reminiscent of landscapes.

Talents, Luise Hellmann

Luise Hellmann, Germany, tile installation nichts über fliesen [nothing about tiles]. Red clay, 140x280x8 cm

Luise Hellmann from Germany re-interprets Mediterranean tiles from the 17th century, also playing with historical and traditional aspects. Individually and sculpturally designed, her pieces constitute a striking alternative to industrially produced tiles and the current trend towards imitation tiles crafted from other materials, the jurors explained.

Kana Ueda, Talents Design Award

Kana Ueda, Japan, Vase, Semi-porcelain, clay inlays, 17x19x19 cm

Featuring intricate lines and subtle color gradients, the illusionistic vessels created by Kana Ueda from Japan evoke associations with materials such as stone or fur, a concept the jurors deemed worthy of a prize.

Yasutomo Ota, Talents Design Award

Yasutomo Ota, Japan/Germany, Die Forelle (The Trout). Paper, thread, wood, Linocut, digital print ,15,8 x 33,8 x 4,2 cm

Yasutomo Ota, Japan/Germany, engages with the nature and outward appearance of books, always striving to “manifest a book’s contents in physical form, thus transmuting the subject matter of a text into a three-dimensional object with tactile qualities.”

Woo Jung Kim, Talents Design Award

Woo Jung Kim, South Korea, bracelet from the series Imaginary Setting. Acrylic, photos, 9,5x9x7 cm

The jewelry created by Woo Jung Kim, South Korea, playfully challenges our notions of luxury by questioning the perceived and inherent value of gemstones. Her bracelet is shaped like a ring.

Carla Movia, Talents Design Award

Carla Movia, Italy, 100 Brooches, Nomen Nescio. Steel, 925 silver, total 200x300x9 cm

Carla Movia from Italy uses waste products and concerns herself with aspects of perceived and inherent value, with anthropomorphic shapes and technology. The textiles created by Ortal Bonen from Israel (without picture) impressed the jurors with their refined quality and delicately woven textures.