Vivian Hackbarth
1958Born in Weinheim (Bergstrasse), Germany
1981–1986Studied fashion design and earned her degree at Pforzheim’s School of Design
seit 1988Has been running her own atelier cum salesroom in Düsseldorf
1999North Rhine-Westphalian State Prize for the Arts and Crafts for her "Scarf Collar Jacket"
1997–2007Bochum Design Award for "profile" and further awards
2018Vivian Hackbarth died after a long and serious illness

Vivian Hackbarth

Vivian Hackbarth’s clothing is clear-cut and simple. This fashion designer was folding and plaiting, aligning and superimposing layers of fabric around the human body, thus creating geometrical cuts for unobtrusive garments. By carefully selecting the types and weights of the fabrics concerned, plus appropriate patterns and colors, she skillfully determined the clothes’ function, as well as the effect they create when being worn. The results were garments that do not constrict their wearers, but enwrap them, easily adapt to and simultaneously adumbrate their figures, and also suit their individual styles. For her own exhibitions, Vivian Hackbarth developed conceptual and experimental creations on the theme of “figure – space – bodily space”. Vivian Hackbarth, who died in 2018, won an ART AUREA AWARD in 2015.

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  • Germany
      • Craftkontor

        AddressKoblenzer Straße 35
        Entrance Bürgerstraße
        53173 Bonn
        Phone+49 (0)228 52 88 01 52
        TimesTue–Fri 11 am–6.30 pm
        Sat 10 am–2 pm

        ART AUREA available

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