The Audience Choose Ingrid Rügemer

Designer Ingrid Rügemer from Munich is the winner of the audience prize of the ART AUREA AWARDS for 2015.

Ingrid Rügemer, who was born in 1966, studied communications design in Augsburg, then in 2007 earned her master’s degree in ceramic design at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London. In 2001 she opened her design studio in London. Ten years later she returned to Germany and opened her own studio 2012 in Munich. Sensual, sculptural objects for the dining table are the focal points of her design series. Her main interest is on heightening our perceptual awareness, as well as on the sensory aspects of emotions and man-object relations. What also plays an important role, she says, is our striving for well-being, a sense of belonging, and mindfulness.

Bowl object with lid from the series Inside Out. High-precision concrete, pigment, wool felt.

Ingrid Rügemer, Bowl object with lid from the series Inside Out. High-precision concrete, pigment, wool felt.

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We cordially thank everyone who participated in the audience voting for the first ART AUREA AWARDS. Your willingness to evaluate the profiles of 178 artists, designers and manufactories provides important insights for everyone who is interested in the market for artifacts of culture from authentic workshops and manufactories.

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