Jutta Müntefering
1966 Born in Büren, Germany
1985-90 Studied visual communication in Düsseldorf
1990-96 Worked as a graphic designer
Since 1996 Freelance designer

Jutta Müntefering

The concept behind Jutta Müntefering’s lamps is to transform two-dimensional sheets of paper into three-dimensional minimalistic bodies. This may sound straightforward, but it’s by no means simple. To make the lampshades, this designer uses origami, a complicated paper-folding technique. This originally Asian art enables her to create wonderfully light and natural-looking objects that are also impressively variable. The unlit lampshade’s opaque paper becomes translucent when the light is turned. The lamp then radiates a warm and atmospheric light that scarcely any other material except paper can achieve. “The illuminated objects combine geometrical objectivity and characteristic charisma to create a very special atmosphere,” Jutta Müntefering explains. Prices range from 70 to 145 euros.