Christof Lungwitz
1948 Born in Weimar
1963–1966 Apprenticeship as a carpenter
1968–1972 Graphic art, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
1970–1975 Visual communication, FH Düsseldorf
Since 1972 Bureau for booth construction, interior design and furniture
Since 1983 Teaches interior design, FH Düsseldorf

Christof Lungwitz

The boundaries between functional furniture design and art are fluid when it comes to Christof Lungwitz’s objects. His linden wood cabinet, consisting of four individual columns of functional drawers, is “crowned” with parts of the original tree trunk without displaying any of the rustic sentimentality typical of many pieces of natural wood furniture. Instead, it has the quality of a sculpture thanks to the natural forms created by the wood’s grain, rings and knots. His Fläche und Winkel (Surfaces and Angles) one-of-a-kind piece is markedly more spare in its design. Equally pared back, his Schale für Ideen (Bowl for Ideas) features asymmetrical, wavy contours milled into a long, rectangular piece of amaranth wood – gently curved smoothness framed by geometrical austerity. It’s up to the user to determine the object’s function and thus the resulting aesthetic effect.

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