Jesper Jensen
1978Born in Faaborg, Denmark
1995–2009Education and studies to be a glass blower and designer at universities in Denm
Since 2009Own studio in Berlin
2009Won 1st Prize at Competition Cop Kreativ of the Danish Ministry of Culture

Jesper Jensen

In his quest to create beautiful and eco-friendly glassware, Jesper Jensen sets out on his bicycle every morning, cruises his neighborhood and picks up empty wine bottles. He cleans them in his studio in Berlin, removes the labels, cuts, reshapes and flame-polishes them. The process of crafting organically shaped drinking glasses, jugs and vases takes 24 hours – not least due to the fact that the material needs to be heated and then left to cool several times to ensure that the recycled glass is sturdy enough. The finished glasses are packed in self-made wooden crates, crafted from those discarded by the greengrocer on the corner. “The entire product is made of other people’s waste – something we’re very proud of,” says Jensen and adds that his work requires not only a love of the natural environment, but also a creative affinity for good design. The prices range from 12 to 50 euros.

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Art Aurea Awards – Winners 2016