Dominique Labordery
1962 Born in Mechelen, Belgium
1980–84 Sint-Lucas University College of Art and Design Antwerp, Belgium
1987 Moved to Germany
1988–90 Postgraduate training in Germany
Since 2002 Studio in Düsseldorf

Dominique Labordery

Dominique Labordery’s puristic one-of-a-kind pieces ingeniously bridge the gap between jewelry and sculpture. As autonomous objects, they enter into a dynamic relationship with their owners, she says: “In a way, it’s an alliance between kindred spirits.” When she crafts her pieces, this artist is always guided by her intuition, which she refers to as her most important instrument. After all, it allows her to leave certain things unexplained, something which always adds a mysterious touch to her creations based on geometrical bodies. Emphasized by the metal’s different shades of gray, the subtle color nuances of agate are further enhanced by the incident light and even changed by shifting angles. Hence these pieces exude an exciting aura resulting from the interplay between perfect craftsmanship and a predilection for the imperfect. Prices on request.

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