‘Comme il faut’ floorcloth(e)s
Suleika Ulmen Born in Cologne, Germany
Make-up artist for film and television projects, freelance artist, numerous exhibitions
Ariane Hahn Born in Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Costume designer for film and television projects, artistic training under Pedi Matthies, later on under Catharina de Rijke
2013 Set up their ‘Comme il faut’ floorcloth(e)s studio

‘Comme il faut’ floorcloth(e)s

Ariane Hahn and Suleika Ulmen got to know each other when they collaborated in their respective functions as costume designer and make-up artist in various film and television projects. While further pursuing their passion for fabrics, colors and creating “clothes”, they have revived the old English tradition of creating floorcloths, i.e. painted rugs, which, although just as beautiful as if they were paintings lying on the ground, are perfectly suitable for being walked on. As predecessors of linoleum, they were widespread in Great Britain and America in the 18th century. The basic material is heavy sailcloth, which is first pretreated and then, over the course of several weeks, coated with a number of layers of paint in different colors and patterns. After the surface has been sealed with varnish, each of these one-of-a-kind pieces is a water-repellent, stain-resistant and durable floor cover. Thanks to this artistic re-interpretation, an almost forgotten product is now enjoying a resurgence of popularity. The prices range from 800 to 4000 euros.