23rd Zeughausmesse Fair in Berlin

Applied Art in the Courtyard of the German Historical Museum.

From 5 to 8 December 2019, applied arts objects will make another guest appearance in the German Historical Museum’s Zeughaushof Courtyard. In the applied arts, the boundaries between art, craft and design are blurred nowadays. In addition, as an important aspect in our age of climate change and excessive consumption of resources, sustainability is not only being talked about in the applied arts world, but is part and parcel of the design and production processes involved. This also applies to the approximately 90 artists who have been selected this year by the Applied Arts Association Berlin-Brandenburg to showcase their creations at the trade show. Their creations cover the entire gamut from imaginatively designed hats, highly individual clothing and jewelry, artistically designed ceramics and glass objects all the way through to handcrafted gardening tools. “Many of the exhibitors have already won international awards,” emphasizes the organizer. Four prizes, ranging in value from 500 to 1300 euros, will also be awarded at the Zeughausmesse Fair. Sponsored by the Berliner Volksbank, they will be ceremoniously presented to the winners, selected by a jury of experts, at the opening. The Zeughausmesse Fair has also resumed its collaboration with the Frankfurt Fair’s “Talents” promotion program.

The admission fee of 8 euros to the Zeughausmesse Fair includes a visit to the exhibitions at the German Historical Museum. 20 September 2019 to 8 March 2020: The Crossbow – Terror and Beauty; 21 November 2019 to 19 April 2020: Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt. The permanent exhibition is dedicated to German history from the Middle Ages to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Sonia Pibernat, Zeughausmese

Sonia Pibernat
Earrings Drawing Movement. 750 gold. Photo Nima Ashrafi.

Silke Spitzer, Zeughausmesse

Silke Spitzer
Necklace Bunter Mond [Colorful Moon], theme Lunar Land, 2019. Silver, plastic, aluminum. Photo Eric Tschernow.
At the Zeughaus fair and from November 9, 2019 at Gallery Noel Guyomarch, Montreal, together with works by Marta Mattson, Sweden.

Silke Wellmeier, Zeughausmesse

Silke Wellmeier
Freely constructed vessels, 2018. Limoges porcelain.

Klaus Kirchner, Zeughausmesse

Klaus Kirchner – schöne Dinge aus Holz
Hollow vessel made of cherry tree.

Gabriele Hinze, Zeughausmesse

Gabriele Hinze
Necklace Doppelflügel [double wing]. Fine silver chased, silver 935, amazonite (interchangeable chain). Photo Georg Eichinger.

Beate Brinkmann, Zeughausmesse

Galerie Beate Brinkmann
Ösenkette [eylet chain]. 925 silver, amethyst druse.

Beate Brinkmann, Zeughausmesse

Galerie Beate Brinkmann
Earrings. Amethyst drops, amethyst druses, silver 925.

Ute Kathrin Beck, Zeughausmesse

Ute Kathrin Beck
Group Glanz&Glimmer [Shine & gleam], 2019. Ceramics.
Instagram: utekathrinbeck_keramik

Atelier Biaggi, Zeughausmesse

atelier biaggi
Cristina Biaggi Barnewitz
Foulard. Wild silk, natural colors.

Sibylle Umlauf, Zeughausmesse

Sibylle Umlauf
Necklace Manara I. Iron, 900 gold. Bracelet Manara II. Iron, gold, brilliant.

larskanter-design, zeughausmesse

Table lamp. Hand-turned porcelain, brass and Zebrano wood.

Birgit Wortmann, Zeughausmesse

Birgit Wortmann
Multi-colored silk scarf with blue stripes. Silk yarn, partially hand dyed.

Feldschmiede Angela Schönewald

Feldschmiede Angela Schönewald
Ground claw. Stainless steel with leather sheathed. Photo Clemens Vogt.

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