Ten Years of “noon” in Berlin

Anniversary exhibition in the Producers Gallery with contemporary jewelry and other applied arts.

noon. schmuck und produkt

The gallery noon in Berlins Dresdener Strasse. Photo Lena Fingerle.

The producers’ gallery and atelier collective “noon.schmuck und product” [jewelry and products] was set up on Dresdener Strasse 26 in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district in 2009. Since 2012, the team has been composed of Ursula Bonderer, Elgin Fischer, Monika Glöss, Ulrike Poelk and Julia Reymann. Each of “noon’s” designers has embraced her own concept, and has further developed it over the course of many years. Thus they continuously create innovative jewelry and other products that they showcase in the brightly lit, unostentatiously designed gallery located not far from Oranienplatz Square. “We attach major importance to creating alternatives to conventional jewelry, featuring unusual materials, shapes and styles of wearing,” is their credo. Ursula Bonderer, for example, creates her jewelry using rubber and precious metals, imaginatively transmuting flat surfaces into three-dimensional entities. Elgin Fischer specializes in playfully incorporating colored enamel. Monika Glöss crafts minimalist, clear-cut pieces that have something unexpectedly playful about them thanks to sophisticated technical details. Ulrike Poelk’s jewelry is compellingly variable, offering surprisingly simple options for multiple styles of wearing. Julia Reyman combines filigree wire bodies with Japanese Washi paper to create complex three-dimensional pieces.

Ursula Bonderer, Galerie noon

Ursula Bonderer, splash earrings. EPDM laser cut. Photo Mathias Zuppiger Zürich.

Elgin Fischer, Galerie noon

Elgin Fischer, earrings Lichtung Duo. Silver, enamel. Photo Zeitform Medien.

To mark the gallery’s 10th anniversary, “noon’s” five designers take a chance with “a slightly more intimate exhibition concept.” Each of them invited two of their favorite jewelry or product designers to showcase their creations at the anniversary exhibition entitled “affinities”. Christina Buhrhop, Christiane Diehl, Claudia Hoppe, Kazuko Nishibayashi, Nora Rochel, Karola Torkos and Lilli Veers will be exhibiting their jewelry. The other guest exhibitors include Réjane Créteau, ceramics, Cornelius Réer, glass, and Katja Werner, bags and accessories. Displayed on a long table, the objects will invite visitors to try them on, and to engage in lively discussions about them. The vernissage will be accompanied by flamenco guitar music.

Monika Glöss, Galerie noon

Monika Glöss, earrings lanzette figura. Gold hollow mounted. Photo Kiiji Kitayama.

Ulrike Poelk, Galerie noon

Ulrike Poelk, necklace attraente. Stainless steel and magnets, fine gold plated. Photo Kerstin Nussbächer.

Julia-Reymann, Galerie noon

Julia-Reymann, brooch. Japanese paper, silver, gold.

  • Dresdener Straße 26
    10999 Berlin
  • Vernissage: 21. 11. 2019, 6 p.m.
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