Birgit Wortmann
1954 Born in Berlin
1976 First state examination for the teaching profession
1995 Journeyman’s examination in weaving
Since 1995 Own atelier

Birgit Wortmann

Birgit Wortmann’s pure silk shawls, scarves and stoles have an appealingly shimmering coloration with inconspicuous woven patterns. She achieves unconventional color combinations by dyeing the individual warp threads: these threads remain visible in the longitudinal direction of the fabric and make each piece unique. Birgit Wortmann’s artistic accessories drape lightly and comfortably around their wearers thanks to their very thin monochrome weft threads: these transition through various shades, to repeatedly create new and harmonious color combinations in fluent gradations. In one special variant, two differently colored systems of warp threads are interconnected as a double plexus: these are worked in two layers to create new and attractive variations for adorning the neck and shoulders. Birgit Wortmann is an imaginative and inventive artist who also welcomes individual requests, which she transforms into new designs. Prices from 210 euros.