Topography – Ceramics from Bavaria

For over thirty years, Munich’s Galerie Handwerk has traditionally dedicated its first exhibition in each new year to ceramics.

In the more distant past, these annual shows presented pieces created by interesting ceramists from Great Britain, France, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the Czech Republic. More recently, Galerie Handwerk shifted its focus away from national presentations and toward porcelain, celadon, wood firing, painting or glazing. The most recent showings have put important training centers for ceramics in the limelight.

Birgitta Schrader, Galerie Handwerk

Fine utilitarian ceramics by Birgitta Schrader.

The Munich-based gallery comments on the current exhibition: “After numerous international contributions, we’ll focus on ceramics from Bavaria in 2022.” Against the background of the continuing difficult situation for the cultural sector and thus also for the arts and crafts in Bavaria, Galerie Handwerk considers it one of its tasks to present Bavarian ceramic work to a broad audience and to draw attention to the workshops that have persevered with passion and dedication through these challenging times.

Galerie Handwerk

“Landscape”: abstract ceramic artwork by Christoph Möller.

The term “topography” was chosen because the current exhibit presents workshops and studios from northern Upper Franconia to southwestern Swabia. Although most of these ateliers are dedicated to vessel and tableware compositions, sculptural ceramics can also be seen. The variety of materials (whether earthenware, stoneware or porcelain) and the diversity of decorative techniques, glazes, firing methods and design ideas exemplify the topography of the contemporary Bavarian ceramic landscape.

Julia Naether und Gerhard Trommler, Galerie Handwerk

Living tradition: ceramic vessels and plates by Julia Naether and Gerhard Trommler.

Bavaria has a long history as one of the traditional ceramic centers in Germany. “New chapters in this history continue to be written by the many long-established and newly founded workshops throughout Bavaria, thus enriching our cultural landscape and the ways we deal with physical objects in our everyday lives. The renaissance of handcrafted utilitarian ceramics is also clearly evident in the success of local pottery markets like the one in Diessen am Ammersee.”

Nathalie Schnider-Lang, Galerie Handwerk

Figurative ceramic art by Nathalie Schnider-Lang.

Fifty workshops and artists from Bavaria

The exhibit at Galerie Handwerk presents works by the following fifty workshops and artists:

Elke Bauer, Stephanie Borchardt-Leuner, Barbara Butz, Monika Drescher-Linke, Jutta El Dewy, Nandl Eska, Hans and Maria Fischer, Petra Fischer, Cornelia Goossens, Heigert & Möbs, Günter und Niki Hermans, Regine Hohmann, Kati Jünger, Pia Keul, Bokyung Kim und Minsoo Lee, Elisabeth Klein, Anna Dorothea Klug-Faßlrinner, Wolfgang und Natascha Knapp, Peter Lang, Andrea Martini, Edith Memmel, Christoph Möller, Andrea Müller, Ingrid und Carlos Patlán, Sebastian Pertl, Julius Pittroff und Eva Rumpf, Andrea Platten und Peter Burkhardt, Billa Reitzner, Fritz Renner Töpferei Renner, Jochen Rüth, Susanne Saida, Lidwina Scherrer und Patricia Bennett, Franziska Schmid-Burgk, Nathalie Schnider-Lang, Birgitta Schrader, Astrid Schröder, Nikolaus Steindlmüller, Keiyona C. Stumpf, Julia Tittmann, Gerhard Trommler and Julia Naether, Christine Wagner, Martin Waubke and Katharina Heusinger, Christiane Wilhelm, Brigitte Wüster.

Christine Wagner, Galerie Handwerk

Structure and geometry. Works by Christine Wagner.


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