We are Nature

Munich gallery Culturesphere presents the photo art exhibition "People - Nature - Future".

“People – Nature – Future” features the internationally award-winning photographs of Norwegian-Finnish artist duo Karoline Hjorth & Riitta lkonen. In their remarkable art project »Eyes as Big as Plates«, which has been ongoing since 2011, the artists explore the relationship between people and nature. To this end, they have travelled the world and portrayed people in a wide variety of landscapes. The portrait series shows individuals wrapped in artistic sculptures made from elements of the environment. Nature serves both as content and context here. With playful ease, symbiotic narratives and new aesthetic worlds emerge, conveying a strong message with an aura of stillness: We are nature!

People - Nature - Future, Galerie Culturesphere

Fotografie Karin. © Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen.

People - Nature - Future, Galerie Culturesphere

Agnes II. Zu sehen in der Münchner Ausstellung »People – Nature – Future«. © Karoline Hjorth und Riitta Ikonen.

In their continuous search for the modern human’s relationship to nature, the artist duo has explored Norway, Finland, France, the USA, Great Britain, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Sweden, South Korea, the Czech Republic, Japan, Senegal, the Outer Hebrides, Tasmania and Greenland. Within the framework of the exhibition “People – Nature – Future”, the two artists will also visit Munich and carry out a photo shoot here as a further milestone of their art project.

People - Nature - Future, Galerie Culturesphere

Brit. © Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen.

People - Nature - Future, Galerie Culturesphere

Bob II. © Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen.

The exhibition was conceived in collaboration with the project partner Symbio(s)cene and is accompanied by a series of talks with internationally renowned speakers. Information on the event programme can be found at: www.symbioscene.com.

Galerie Culturesphere, München

With its activities, the non-profit initiative Symbio(s)cene wants to contribute to the development of new, sustainable world views and considers the presentation of new ways of thinking as an important key to the change that is so urgently needed. Symbio(s)cene represents a holistic approach that combines science and art to give space to both the cognitive and emotional dimensions of epistemological processes and thus open up new perspectives for a sustainable human-nature relationship and a future worth living.

  • Galerie Culturesphere
    Horemansstraße 30
    80636 Munich
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