Take Place

The exhibition invites 210 Berlin-based artists to come into an empty gallery space. Their presence becomes part of the work.

The exhibition “Take Place” aims to go beyond the usual bound that separates the artist and the performer from the public, and invite the public to participate in the artist’s experience and to the artist’s point of view.

As a response to “Institut für Alles Mögliche”, “Take Place I” fills the 20 square meter gallery space with artists. Presented through the window wall towards the street, the work consists of live encounters between people, while the material is the artists or the artists’ presence. During the opening hours, street passengers and visitors are welcome to come into the gallery. Once they enter the gallery, the audiences become parts of the work. With artists standing, sitting and chatting in the space, the work erases the difference between the artists and visitors, and questions the general expectations towards an exhibition. It exists as a performance, an interaction, and an immaterial experience.

Take Place, Olya Bychkova

In Take Place II, a group of artists sit on three rows of stadium seats inside the gallery facing the window, and stare at the street through the entire opening hours. Rather than being observed, the work is observing whatever is happening outside the gallery and creating an unfamiliar situation for both the artists and the viewers. And the work itself is held in the moments of these encounters. Through these encounters, the work challenges the viewers’ as well as the artists’ roles and participations in a work and in an exhibition, blurring the lines between the making, presenting, and experiencing of an art piece.

Take Place, Olya Bychkova Take Place, Olya Bychkova

The Institut für Alles Mögliche is an artistic project that sets about questioning, scrutinising and probing the institutionalisation and presentation of contemporary art.The central concept is to develop spaces of possibility in which exchange and experiences can take place. The project can be understood as an organism, as an artistic attempt to find niches and to implant a non-commercial program into the commercial structure of the municipal sphere.

Project Director: Ming Lu
Graphic Design: Olya Bychkova
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  • Institut für Alles Mögliche
    Schererstraße 10
    13347 Berlin
  • Opening, 7 to 9 pm, 11 December (Take Place I).
    December 12th to 13th, 12 to 6 pm (Take Place I).
    December 14th and 15th, 12 to 6 pm (Take Place II).
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