Modern Jewelry Design

Contemporary Jewelry Designers are inspired by Diverse Sources

They’re not interested in ephemeral trends. Contemporary designers primarily cultivate their uniquely personal styles. The sources of inspiration can be nature, as is the case for Stefanie Priessnitz, or else from West Africa can spark the imagination, as they do for Margo Nelisseni. Nicole Walger creates her rings, which have won the German Design Award, by distorting high-karat gold into remarkable shapes. Claudia Geiger’s mutable jewelry thrives on playful sequences and the interplay of various materials. Katrin Ruoffner, who designs for Mille Fiabe, makes miniature stage sets where nature encounters architectonic elements.

Stefanie Prießnitz

Pforzheim, Germany / / Profile on

Rings by designer Nicole Walger

Strukturringe rings. Silver, 750 gold, 750 red gold

Claudia Geiger

Pforzheim, Germany /

Bracelet by designer Claudia Geiger

Wandelbar bracelet which transforms into a necklace, excting and diverse at once. 750 gold, freshwater pearls, stainless steel

Nicole Walger

Stuttgart, Germany / / Profile on

Ring by designer Nicole Walger

für dich für mich für uns ring. Fine gold or fine silver. Special Mention at German Design Award 2016

Margo Nelissen

Veenendaal, Netherlands /

Necklace by designer Margo Nelissen

Amulet collar necklace based on West African amulets, silver, copper, carnelian, emerald

Mille Fiabe

Tübingen, Germany / / Profile on

Object by designer Mille Fiabe

Sternwanderer object. Glass, stainless steel, mirror, miniature penguins, crystal glass stone, H 19 × Ø 23 cm