Total Artworks

Uniting different arts in one artwork can succeed on both a large and small scale. Examples can be found in Art Aurea’s new 1-2021 edition.

Almost as if by chance – or was it serendipity? – the idea of the Gesamtkunstwerk as a theme for an edition of the magazine took shape during the creation of our first print issue in 2021. In the end, we are convinced that it is worthwhile to look at contemporary applied art from this aspect as well.

The magazine will be released on March 9 – not at newsstands until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic, but in leading galleries for jewelry and applied arts. We’ll announce the list of galleries in advance in this blog. Here’s an overview of the topics:

Walking in the Void

Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin have enjoyed great success with their medium of glass. They have staged solo exhibitions in museums and installations in cathedrals. They are represented in numerous collections. They have collaborated with Rosenthal and are still collaborating with Venini. In a solo exhibition at the Danish Glass Museum in Ebeltoft, the artist duo takes a close look at the biggest picture of all.

Philip Baldwin

World made of glass: Philip Baldwin (right), with two employees in the ‘Hotshop’.

Grandpa Wooley

He’ll probably never become as famous as Kurt Schwitters, but he too has surely created a remarkable Gesamtkunstwerk: Wolfgang Lieglein, who called himself Wolli the Kid at the beginning of his creative work, later Master Wooley, and in the end Grandpa Wooley. Art Aurea recollects a jewelry artist who transformed his Berlin apartment into a total work of art of Pop Art.

Grandpa Wooley

Last glimpses: Detail of Grandpa Wooley’s living room. Photo Petra Jaschke.

Dedicated to the History of Ceramics

Heinz-Joachim Theis shows what one individual can create when he’s really enthusiastic about a subject. Despite the coronavirus, Rüdiger Joppien visited the gallery owner and director of the Ceramics Museum Berlin. Photographs by Mathilde Agius document the current exhibitions and convey the extraordinary charm of a historic location.

Fritz Vehring

Great ceramic art: Stoneware helmet head by Fritz Vehring in the Keramikmuseum Berlin. Photo Mathilde Agius.

Schmuck 2021

In normal years, the special show at the Munich International Craft Fair attracts jewelry artists and collectors from all over the world. With the IHM, the “Schmuck 2021” and all other exhibitions in Munich have to be canceled. Our contribution gives an insight into the fascinating diversity of contemporary jewelry art.

Attai Chen

Fascinating range: Brooch by Attai Chen, selected for Schmuck 2021, which could not take place.

Applied art for Kassel

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting inner-city retailers with full force. Like a ray of hope in these difficult times, a workshop gallery for applied art has been able to re-establish itself in Kassel, the city of documenta. Our article traces Franziska Appel’s path and how she managed to get started despite the coronavirus.

Franziska Appel

Knowledgeable and charming: Franziska Appel is representing applied arts in Kassel since 2019. Photo Michaela Winter.

Other short but no less interesting articles in the new issue 1-2021:

Women Artists of the Wiener Werkstätte

A remarkable exhibition at the MAK in Vienna.

The Charm of Minimalism

The exhibition of Carl Dau at the Goldschmiedehaus Hanau.

Like a Bird in Flight

Galerie Göttlicher in Krems celebrates its 45th anniversary with Anna Rubin and her artistic flying kites.

Talente 2021

Due to the cancellation of the IHM, 101 artists and designers from 31 countries had to forgo their appearance in Munich.

Brutto Gusto in Charlottenburg

New address for art and flowers after twelve years at Berlins Torstraße.

Designers in Residence at Stattbad

The works of the Emma scholarship holders Maria Appleton, Mira Kim and Jaspar Rogers.

The Language of Things

In 2020, Lotte Reimers donated 132 applied art objects to the Pfalzgalerie Museum at Kaiserslautern.

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