Hospitality in the Werkraumhaus

“Gastgeben – Rooms for Hospitality” at Andelsbuch, Austria. Network of workshops and hotels.

With its exhibition “Gastgeben – Room(s) for Hospitality”, the Werkraumhaus in Andelsbuch focuses on objects “that were created to be inviting, simple, beautiful and comfortable for users.” It is also about “the rooms in which hosts and objects create an atmosphere that makes guests feel welcome.” The Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg, Austria, is renowned for its hospitality, which includes the people, the local cuisine and the quality-conscious living and building culture.

Werkraumhaus Andelsbuch

Staged spaces and objects on the subject of hospitality in the exhibition in the Werkraumhaus, Andelsbuch. © Roswitha Schneider.

Werkraumhaus Andelsbuch

Exhibition view of the Werkraumschau Gastgeben – Rooms for Hospitality. © Roswitha Schneider.

Werkraumhaus Andelsbuch

The furniture and objects of the exhibition are all made by regional workshops. © Roswitha Schneider.

The current exhibition brings together numerous objects from the Werkraum studios on the theme of hospitality. This exhibition, curated by Isabella Natter-Spets, brings the art of hospitality and the experience of being a guest to life. In ten rooms, a varied range of interpretations by craft businesses are presented, all of which were all created by Werkraum members: the novel hallway, the mystical bathroom, the workshop-style kitchen, the urban drawing room, the music room and sophisticated lobby. Visiting the Werkraumhaus turns into a hotel experience.

The exhibition reflects the network that has developed in the Bregenzerwald between the highly creative craftspeople and the quality-conscious hoteliers who commission them. Nine partner hotels are involved in the Werkraum Bregenzerwald in total: Biohotel Schwanen in Bizau, Geniesser- & Romantikhotel Das Schiff in Hittisau, Hotel Bären in Mellau, Hotel Gasthof Hirschen in Schwarzenberg, Hotel Gasthof Krone in Hittisau, Hotel Krone in Au, Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann, Hotel Rössle/Adler in Au and Schtûbat in Andelsbuch. They are represented in the exhibition in images and recordings, talking to Werkraum members about their approach to hospitality and craftsmanship. The exhibition, which is well worth a visit, is accompanied by a diverse programme of events.

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