The Potentiale in Feldkirch with Visions

Design, photography and media art: the Potentiale in Feldkirch is both a festival and trade fair.

Schoscha Einrichtungen, Potentiale

A highlight on the potentiale festival Feldkirch: Schoscha Einrichtungen [facilities] unites design classics in a Bregenz villa and valuable antiques from all over Europe.

Vorarlberg in western Austria borders on Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The Kunsthaus in Bregenz, the Werkraum in Andelsbuch, and the architecture and craftsmanship im Bregenzer Wald all enjoy excellent international reputations. The Potentiale in Feldkirch, which emerged from the ArtDesign fair, likewise intends to create “space for the possible and the seemingly impossible.” From November 9 to 11, the historic city will be the showplace for regional and international works from the disciplines of design, photography and media art. Alongside the design fair, a vintage market will also take place for the first time. Its organizers not only promise antique furnishings that are available nowhere else, but also the finest wines. Visitors who don’t want to buy can fabricate their own design products in a workshop or learn how jeans are made and why fairness and sustainability are so important.

Thomas Hofbauer, Potentiale Feldkirch

To be seen at the Potentiale fair at Feldkirch: Buffalo horn glasses enough from Thomas Hofbauer. Photo Simon Egle.

Potentiale Feldkirch

Cork backpack of the young label burggrafburggraf from Stuttgart. Handmade in Germany.

Three photo exhibits in Villa Müller invite visitors to experience new perspectives. The wildest ideas for using the formerly vacant villa have recently become realities here. There’s also the Stadt/Studio with its teahouse, Piet with his famous French fries, and a bunker that had been kept a secret until now. Alongside the fair and the festival in the autumn, the Potentiale is now also active as a year-round platform. It serves as a continual source of impulses; it networks, communicates and supports innovative projects and usage ideas in and for the urban space. Especially for this purpose, the so-called “Open Call” was initiated this year: everyone is welcome to submit their projects, visions, and other imaginative requests.

REM atelier, Potentiale Feldkirch

Talents on the potential fair at Feldkirch: Light object Trestle Dazzle Wall by REM atelier, Rotterdam.

    Feldkirch, Vorarlberg
  • 9th November, 2pm–10pm
    10th November, 10am–8pm
    11th November, 10am–6pm
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