Ecodesign Prize at Grassimesse

The winners of the Ecodesign prize are on display during the Grassimesse from October 26 to 28, 2018 in Leipzig.

The federal Ecodesign prize has been awarded annually since 2012 by the Federal Environmental Agency in collaboration with the IDZ. The prize was offered in the following categories in 2017: “Product,” “Service,” “Concept” and “Young Talent.” The criteria are outstanding ecological quality, innovation and high-quality design.

“Building botany” by Ferdinand Ludwig and Daniel Schönle (“Concept” category)
This concept connects trees and constructive elements. The results are live buildings. Auxiliary constructions can be partially deconstructed afterwards. The project is intended as a contribution toward improving urban climate, absorbing CO2 and providing shade.,

Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig (Munich Technical University) and Daniel Schönle

The house of the future by Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig (Munich Technical University) and Daniel Schönle. © IDZ | Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig, Daniel Schönle

EcoFlex dishwasher from Miele (“Product” category)
The EcoFlex G 6000 outperforms the best energy class (A+++) by an additional 20%. A heat exchanger with two separate water circulations helps to achieve these energy savings. Other benefits: recyclable materials and a lifespan of at least 20 years.

C1-mini-HC LED spotlight from corporate friends® (“Product” category)
The C1-mini-HC is conceived to illuminate showcases in museums, at trade fairs and in stores. A magnetic ball joint and a magnetic attachment enable the spotlight to be installed without tools and to be simply placed along the power track. Each spotlight is individually dimmable.

corporate friends, ecodesign

Prizewinner: corporate friends®. Design: Jan Eickhoff. © IDZ | corporate friends®

Natascha von Hirschhausen – Design. Fashion. Ethics. (“Product” category)
This Berlin-based designer’s season-independent fashion collection consists exclusively of certified materials and avoids plastic. The clothes are made to order in Berlin. Offcuts are reduced to one percent. Repairs are free.

Natascha von Hirschhausen, ecodesign

Prizewinner: Natascha von Hirschhausen – Design. Fashion. Ethics. © IDZ | Natascha von Hirschhausen

Comparison portal for repair solutions from (“Service” category) is an online comparison portal that shows repair videos and recommends spare-parts dealers, local repairers and alternatives to repair such as secondhand purchasing, rental, sale or recycling of appliances and devices.

Plate rather than waste bin from Too Good To Go (“Service” category)
Catering businesses can sell leftover meals via an app at reduced prices to customers who pick up the meals themselves. A first milestone has already been achieved by preventing more than two million meals from going to waste.

DfC x JNJ from Design for Circularity, Ina Budde (“Young Talent” category)
The Jan’N June label would like to improve networking in the fashion industry, to make it easier to return merchandise and to encourage multiple use. Each article of clothing is equipped with a scannable label that provides information about materials, leasing and return options, and other data.

Design for Circularity, Ina Budde

Prizewinner Ina Budde with Design for Circularity, © IDZ | Design for Circularity, Ina Budde

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