Jewelry Design in 2018

Inhorgenta Munich remains an important meeting place for some important jewelry designers, but many of them are also pursuing paths of their own.

Inhorgenta Munich, which recurs this year from February 16 to 19, has not only been the most important German trade fair for jewelry and watches for more than 40 years. With Hall C2 at the new trade fair campus in Riem, Inhorgenta also established itself as the most important international forum for modern jewelry design. The good news this year: the Niessing manufactory, which had no longer exhibited in Munich during the past several years, returns to Inhorgenta in 2018. This could further strengthen the position of all designers and manufactories that cultivate the Modern tradition at the fair.

Below, we present a few selected new items from the designers who are exhibiting at Inhorgenta in 2018:

Oliver Schmidt, Inhorgenta 2018, jewelry

Oliver Schmidt, earrings from the series Farn, 750 yellow gold. Inhorgenta Hall C2 / Booth 303.

Claudia Hoppe, Inhorgenta 2018, jewelry

Claudia Hoppe, bangles Swing. 750 gold and 935 silver . Inhorgenta Hall C2 / Booth 319, Forum Concepts.

Sabine Müller, Inhorgenta 2018, jewelry design

Sabine Müller. Rings from the collection Snowy. 750 gold granulated, silver, plastic, Inhorgenta Hall C2 / Booth 323 / Row C. Gold winner of the German Design Award in the Excellent Product Design / Luxury Goods category.

Vera Rhodius, Inhorgenta 2018, jewelry design

Vera Rhodius. Earrings. Glass, silver, fine gold plated. Hall C2 / Booth 225.

Monika Jakubec, Inhorgenta 2018, jewelry design

Monika Jakubec, resin ring Trapez konkav. 925 silver, synthetic resin. Inhorgenta Hall C2 / Booth 341.

Antje Liebscher, Inhorgenta 2018, jewelry design

Antje Liebscher, chain wave. 925 silver, rose gold plated. Inhorgenta Hall C2 / Booth 222.

Quite Quiet, Inhorgenta 2018, jewelry design

Quite Quiet. Jewelry of the series Facets. Fairtrade gold. Inhorgenta Hall C2 / Booth 207.

The fair’s directors have done a great deal in past years to enable Inhorgenta to keep pace with its competitors, especially Baselworld. Inhorgenta now hosts a glamorous jewelry fashion show, a Digital Forum and a Future Lab. The Inhorgenta Award too will again be conferred in 2018. “Some 27,500 specialized visitors from 70 countries were present at Inhorgenta Munich in 2017,” says the fair’s director Dittrich, who is confident that “this will again be the case in 2018.”

It remains to be hoped that Hall C2, which primarily hosts the stands of individual designers, will again enjoy more popularity. But the times are long past when every jewelry maker wanted to show her or his work at Inhorgenta. Some of them feel that it suffices to “hoist their flags” in Munich only every other year. The artistic scene gathers at the Handwerksmesse [International Crafts Fair] anyway or shows the latest creations at the Munich Jewelry Days.

The following selected new items are from designers who are not participating the Inhorgenta trade fair 2018:

Dorothea Brill, jewelry design, Inhorgenta 2018

Dorothea Brill, necklace Ladakh from the series meter-wise. Silver, black rhodium-plated.

Patrick Malotki, jewelry design, Inhorgenta 2018

Patrick Malotki, rings from the series Swing. Gold 750 or stainless steel black with brilliants.

Stefanie Prießnitz, jewelry design, Inhorgenta 2018

Stefanie Prießnitz, bracelet Perlreihen [pearlrows]. 925 silver, partly black rhodium-plated, white freshwater pearls.

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