Artemani Celebrates Its 10th Birthday

Artemani, the gallery for small manufactories in Lübeck, celebrates its tenth birthday in November 2018.

Artemani’s curator Roswitha Winde-Pauls has conceived an impressive anniversary exhibition entitled “The Fascination of Glass” to fete the upcoming anniversary. The show presents one-of-a-kind items from Lobmeyr Glas (Vienna) and Anna Torfs (Prague), as well the gallery owner’s own pieces from Rotter Glas (Lübeck). Also on display are glass objects by Regina and Norbert Kaufmann (Glashütte Glashagen), Cornelius Réer (Nuremberg), Wiebke Vogt (Berlin), the glass manufactory of the glass school in Zwiesel, Michael Schwarzmüller (Karlsruhe), Pia Wüstenberg (Alt Duvenstedt) and Jean-Pierre Baquere (Paris).

Rotter Glas, Artemani

Rotter glass, ball cup and coils blue

Rotter Glas, Artemani

A glass cup from Rotter Glas gets its cut. © Perlbach Fotodesign

When Birgit Rotter, the owner of Rotter Glass manufactory in Lübeck, first opened Artemani ten years ago, she had already made it her personal goal to present, in the historical city of Lübeck, products from handpicked manufactories and by renowned artists and craftspeople. Regular exhibitions round out the gallery’s concept. Visitors can repeatedly expect new focal points from the genres of ceramic, porcelain, wood, glass, jewelry, textiles, painting and much more.  Birgit Rotter says: “Artemani’s customers love variety and are happy to know that they can always find pleasantly surprising products and new inspirations here.” The anniversary exhibit offers plenty of both.

Anna Torfs, Artemani

Anna Torfs. Masterful glass design from the Czech Republic

Among the many highlights of the exhibition are glass objects by Anna Torfs: the high art of Czech glassmaking expresses itself here in the rich palette of colors and the play with light and shadow in the spectrum of strict geometry and organically poetic nature. The glacier series from Lobmeyr Glas manufacture in Vienna is likewise remarkably expressive, as are the precisely cut vessels from Rotter Glas, a fourth-generation manufactory of crystal glassware.

Lobmeyr, Artemani

Extravagant vase from the glacier series of Lobmeyr, Vienna

Pia Wüstenberg, Artemani

Exhibition with Pia Wüstenberg

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