Italian Design at Eunique

Italy is this year’s partner country at Eunique, the international trade fair for applied arts and design in Karlsruhe.

Patrizia Bonati, Eunique

Jewelry for the neck by Patrizia Bonati, who makes unique items from her own alloys

Italy is famous for its lifestyle, its culture and its couturiers, who also gladly use traditional artisanal techniques. Consul General Massimo Darchini from Italy’s consulate general in Stuttgart comments on this the country partnership: “Creativity, design, fashion and craftsmanship: each means ‘Italy’ and all are synonymous with ‘made in Italy.’ That’s why I’m pleased that Italy, as a nation which prioritizes design and art, will present its crafts traditions and contemporary design trends at Eunique.”

Patrizia Bonati, Eunique Karlsruhe 2017

Ring by the Italian jewelry artist Patrizia Bonati, on display at Eunique’s special showing of creations from Italy, this year’s partner country

Eunique, Chiara Pizzinato

The function designer Chiara Pizzinato uses fabrics from Japan, India, Indonesia, France and Italy

Chiara Pizzinato utilizes fabrics from countries such as Japan, India, Indonesia, France and Italy. Guided and inspired by the diverse colors and textiles, this fashion designer creates original unique items that will be on display in the special show. The jewelry artists prioritize typically Italian materials such as ceramics, gold or other metals. The goldsmith Patrizia Bonati works almost exclusively with gold. Her own alloys add interesting variations to the metal’s sunny color. Hammering and lathe turning create the “flexible” metal that typifies her organic artworks. Camilla Gallo makes jewelry from ceramic beads, augmented with leather and metal, in her “Jamais Sans Toi” atelier.

Christiane Oexl, Eunique, special show, Just Leather

Ring by Christiane Oexl, on display at “Just Leather,” the special show at Eunique

Alongside fashion design and jewelry, the show also presents a multifaceted selection of Italian ceramics. The International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza, a city which first achieved renown in the 16th century as a production site for world-famous faience wares, and the Ceramic Museum in Westerwald are presenting ceramics from many different regions throughout Italy. “We hope our visitors’ enthusiasm will be sparked by the southern European lifestyle and la dolce vita,” says Eunique’s project director Kai Richter. “Just Leather,” the second special show, presents bags, shoes and artistic jewelry, some made from parchment.

“LOFT – The Design Department Store” occurs simultaneously as a second trade fair at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre. LOFT presents furniture, living accessories, fashion and jewelry, some of which also have the potential for production in larger numbers.

One admission ticket entitles its bearer to visit both trade fairs.

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