Galerie Handwerk Munich showcases gold- and silversmithing creations, as well as objects crafted from iron or non-ferrous metal.

Tore Svensson, Bowl, steel, forging art

Tore Svensson, Bowl 131, 2014. Forged steel, gold-plated on the edge, Ø 13,7 cm x 6,8 cm. Photo Franz Karl

Metalsmithing is a prime example of designing something while crafting it, of a form taking shape as the result of the technique being applied. The Galerie Handwerk (Crafts Gallery) in Munich will be spotlighting this artistic craft in September, showcasing gold- and silversmithing creations, as well as objects handsmithed and crafted from iron or non-ferrous metal by 39 renowned designers from ten different nations. The items on display will include hand-forged iron latticework and latticework models, banisters, graveyard crosses, fittings and doorknobs, plus coatracks. The exhibits representing this genre have been created by Otto Baier, Martin Breidenbach, the Bergmeister Kunstschmiede (artists’ smithy), Matthäus Seisenberger, Sebastian Wölkl and Michael von Mücke. Another type of metalsmithing involves the manufacture of knives and tools. Luca Distler and Florian Pichler of “Messer Werk” (Knife Works) specialize in Damascus steel. The creations from Japan – chef’s knives, razor blades, chisels and hammers – bear compelling witness to the prowess of Japanese blade- and toolsmiths who enjoy cult status, and deservedly so.

Bergmeister Kunstschmiede, TGate system Novartis Basle, Bronze, forging art

Bergmeister Kunstschmiede, Gate system Novartis Basle, 2011. Forged bronze. Photo Marco Serra and Christian Vogt

Recently created objects include those crafted from silver or non-ferrous metals by Kerstin Becker, Yuki Ferdinandsen, Beate Leonards, Josephine Lützel, Maike Dahl, Annette Zey, Carsten from Andersen, Nilton Cunha, Cecilia Moore, Cóilin O’Dubhghaill, Angela Mini Jo, Sanghoon Kim, Dong-hyun Kim, Koichi Io and Hiroshi Suzuki. Giampaolo Babetto, who has also been crafting silver utensils for several years now, will be showcasing a group of exquisite vessels, as well as cutlery for the first time. The jewelry genre will be represented by the works created by Dittlmann & Jank, Francesco Pavan, Stefano Marchetti and Merlin Mereema. The latter uses steel wool to craft her brooches, heating it and shaping it with a hammer. The “Handsmithed” exhibition will be illustrating the diverse techniques and concepts of contemporary metalsmiths, while highlighting their artistic design approach. Dr. Angela Böck (translation: Sabine Goodman)

Merlin Mereema, Brooch, steel, forged steel, forging art

Merlin Mereema, Untitled. Brooch, steel, forged steel, Ø 10 cm

Koichi Io, Three Legs, Vase, Kuromido, Schmiedekunst

Koichi Io, Three Legs Vase. Object, Kuromido, forged, patinated, 17 x 16,5 x 19 cm

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