Eunique 2017 – style and individuality

The International Fair for Applied Arts & Design in Karlsruhe showcases unique objects and small series in a classy way.

Eunique Fair stands for individual jewelry design, handmade ceramic and glass objects, fashion and accessories, furniture and home accessories. At this years’ international Fair for Applied Arts & Design around 350 artists and designers will be represented at the Karlsruhe exhibition grounds. From May19 to the 21st, unique objects and small series from art, design and crafts will be shown by exhibitors from 13 nations. The special show “Just Leather” interprets the divers material in multiple ways. An other special show of this year ‘s partner country Italy is moving between contemporary elegance and deep rooted tradition. A selection of designers will present fashion and accessories at the Eunique Fashion Shows. And “Loft – Das Designkaufhaus” that premiered in 2015, showcases products from the fields of furniture, home accessories, fashion and jewelry. Here are some examples of designers who will be represented in Karlsruhe.

Miriam Gonnissen | Eunique, dm-Arena, Stand D.08

Miriam Gonnissen, Schmuck, Schmuckdesign, Ringe, Eunique

Inversion, rings, yellow gold-plated and black ruthenized silver, polypropylene threads

Elisabeth Müller-Quade | Eunique, dm-Arena, Stand C.20

Elisabeth Müller-Quade, Schmuck, Schmuckdesign, Silber, Eunique

Schachtelhalm, Brooch, 925 silver

Marilena Karagkiozi | Eunique, dm-Arena, Stand B.20

Marilena Karagkiozi, Schmuck, Schmuckdesign

Triptych, necklace, cement, salt crystals, steel, old iron nails, natural pigments

Florentine Design | Eunique Stand B.10

Florentine Design, Schmuck, Schmuckdesign, Manschettenknöpfe

Cufflinks for women, 750 Gold, amethyst, citrine, faceted cabochon cut

Monika Jakubec | Eunique, dm-Arena, Stand C.28

Monika Jakubec, Schmuck, Schmuckdesign, Ringe, Silber

Vollmond, konkav, ring, synthetic resin, 925 silver

Tanja Zessel | Eunique, dm-Arena, Stand C.32

Tanja Zessel, Schmuck, Schmuckdesign, Ring

ELLIA, ring duo, gold 750, cognac-colored diamonds

Schmuque by Julia Münzing | Eunique, dm-Arena, Stand E.10

Schmuque, Julia Münzing, Schmuck, Schmuckdesign

Infini Glace, necklace, sterling silver and rock crystal

Elke Hirsch | Eunique, dm-Arena, Stand C.26

Elke Hirsch, Schale, Holz, Holzkunst, Eiche

Tantum, bowl, turned oak

ARTSHOCK / Bernd Dreßen | Eunique, dm-Arena,  Stand C.37

ARTSHOCK, Schuhe, Schuhdesign, Maßschuhe

VIOLETTA, Ladies’ ankle boot with open lacing, vegetable tanned leather, half sizes, from 35 to 42

a b a c u s | Eunique, dm-Arena,  Stand B.17

Abacus, Möbel, Holz, Eiche, Tisch

Bellagio, handmade dining table, 250 year old oak, stainless steel

Engelbert Leichauer | Eunique, dm-Arena, Stand E.08

Engelbert Leichauer, Leuchte, Lampe

Wall lamp, antique glass and fissing, old concrete steel, special production possible

  • Messe Karlsruhe
    Messeallee 1
    76287 Rheinstetten
  • Daily 11am–7pm
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