Much Potential at the ArtDesign Fair in Feldkirch

Novelties from the art, design and fashion worlds

In the past, Feldkirch had caused talk in the fall “only” because of the ArtDesign fair, but the design and crafts fair has a larger framework this year, when the city in Vorarlberg becomes a 21-day Mecca for art, design, photography and urban development. Located near the point where the borders of Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland intersect, Feldkirch lies in a region with strong purchasing power. Uncommonly good architecture and design have also helped ArtDesign flourish during the past eight years. Up to 8,000 visitors came to see and buy pieces created by more than 100 exhibitors.

Maike Dahl, Cans Oatflakes. Photo Thomas Langreder
Maike Dahl, Cans Oatflakes. Photo Thomas Langreder
Monir Jewellery, Rings silver plated with red gold
Monir Jewellery, Rings silver plated with red gold
Glaswerkstätte Cornelius Réer, Carafe with mug
Glaswerkstätte Cornelius Réer, Carafe with mug

Opened early in 2015, Montforthaus is a new venue for cultural encounter in the region. It was first used by ArtDesign 2015 for its new focus on photography. With the “Potentiale,” Feldkirch presents a new format that makes the city into an event. Visitors can experience themselves as part of this event; Feldkirch’s residents participate too and thus help their city to develop its lively creativity. According to its organizers, “The Potentiale makes it impressively clear that urban life is deeply interwoven with cultural and artistic themes.” The following events will also take place in the context of the Potentiale and alongside ArtDesign: the Lava Award, i.e. the design prize of the State of Vorarlberg, will be conferred on November 5th; the Lava Award show continues in the Turnhalle of the Gymnasiumshof from Nov. 6 to11, 2015; “Feldhotel—The Return” takes place in the Gymnasiumhof from Oct. 30 to Nov. 19; and “Lost Places—On the Charm of Empty Rooms” takes place in the city of Feldkirch from Nov. 5 to 8, 2015.

Preview picture: Kelvin j Birk, splitterguss Ring. Silver and crushed gems. Photo Joel Degen

  • Reichenfeld-Areal Feldkirch
    Pförtnerhaus & Altes Hallenbad
    Reichenfeldgasse 9

    Montforthaus Feldkirch
    Montfortplatz 1
    6800 Feldkirch
  • Fri 2 pm–8 pm
    Sat 12 am–10 pm
    Sun 10 am–6 pm
  • Link

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