Amberif Design Award 2017

The winners of the competition are presented at the Amber-Expo in Gdańsk, the formerly Danzig.

The winners of the amber competition, curated by Barbara Schmidt from Munich, come from Poland, Germany and France. The theme of “periphery” left the imagination plenty of space. 124 jewelery artists from 25 countries went to the indefinable terrain and explored the possibilities and limits to convert the gold of the Baltic Sea mostly into expressive but sometimes also very simple jewelry. The results reflect the artistic freedoms and creative diversity of contemporary jewelry.

Marcin Tymiński, Amberif Design Award

Grand prix, Marcin Tymiński, Poland, pln 10,000 (2,325 euros)

Annelisa Mercier, Amberif Design Award

Amber prize, Annelisa Mercier, France, 1 kg of amber

Susanne Elstner, Amberif Design Award

Silver prize, Susanne Elstner, Germany, 1 kg of silver

Maren Giloy, Amberif Design Award

Honorable mention, Maren Giloy, Germany

Miron Kutarba, Amberif Design Award

Honorable mention, Miron Kutarba, Poland

The Jury selected 16 further works by the following artists for publication in the Amberif 2017 Fair Catalogue and for display at the exhibition: Michał B. Fatyga (Poland), Martina Singerova (Czech Republic), Justyna Stasiewicz (Poland), Anna Maria Zanella (Italy), Philip Sajet (France), Maria Domenica Pittorru (Italy), Giulia Maestripieri (Italy), Yuri Di Marcoberardino (Italy),Saerom Kong (Korea/Germany), Andrzej Kupniewski (Poland), Hamed Jafari (Iran), Slawomir Fijalkowski (Poland), Sabine Flexer (Germany), Zhang Hao (Italy), Miron Kutarba (Poland).

  • Amberexpo
    ul. Żaglowa 11
    80-560 Gdańsk
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