34th International Ceramics Days Oldenburg

The big exhibit with extraordinary ceramics showcased near the Oldenburg castle takes place in the beginning of August

An open-air gallery around Oldenburg castle, lectures, workshops, special exhibitions and a prize-giving for exceptional ceramics. Again, more than 60,000 visitors are expected to attend the renowned ceramics show on August 6 and 7, 2016. An expert panel has selected 120 exhibitors from 12 countries out of 300 applications.

Internationale Keramiktage Oldenburg 2016

Margaret Curtis, Gefäß. Keramik

The all-day ceramicists’ portrait in the workshops of Werkschule e.V. at Oldenburg’s Kunstforum on Friday, August 5, already provides the opportunity to see international stars of the ceramic arts in the flesh. There will be workshops, demonstrations and lectures by the Belgian Lut Lalemann and Johannes Nagel from Halle. Over the weekend their works will be on display in the castle hall of the state museum. Oldenburg rides bicycle… is the motto of a competition organized by Oldenburg Tourismus und Marketing GmbH. All exhibitors can enter prototypes for the 3rd edition of 100 Oldenburg beakers – the prize money is 2,500 Euros. With a rebus the organizers, Werkschule – Werkstatt für Kunst und Kulturarbeit e.V., want to heighten perceptions of ceramic particularities. In this competition visitors can win ceramic works ranging between 25 and 75 Euros in value.

Internationale Keramiktage Oldenburg 2016

Lut Laleman,Dynamique de la rythmique vessels. Ceramics

Internationale Keramiktage Oldenburg 2016

Johannes Nagel, Objekt. Keramik

Text Reinhold Ludwig

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