The Happiness of Creating

Further results of our photographic art event at Eunique in Karlsruhe

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” What sounds like the motto of an artist or an old Chinese saying is in fact a quote from the mouth of the 32nd President of the United States of America – Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945). How right he was if we just think of designers! Many creative artists radiate this happiness – not to be confused at all with satisfaction. If satisfaction becomes a permanent condition, it can make the achievement of higher goals impossible. After all, anyone who is always satisfied stagnates, does not feel a need to develop further and strive for improvement. However, those who are driven by their own creative spirit, who are unsatisfied and struggle to attain the results of their hard work – before finally achieving excellence, can also be happy. What a feeling it must be to create something, to devote oneself with heart and soul to an object and then in the end to stand back and contemplate the successful outcome. Our photos of craft artisans with their objects speak for themselves.

Christiane Iken with necklace. Silver enameled in opaque colour Eunique

Cornelius Réer with wine glass

Cornelius Réer with Junger Römer (young romans) wine glass. Glass

Hayley Beckley with necklace

Hayley Beckley with Found in the Forest necklace. Silk, recycled silver

Ute Beck with vase

Ute Beck with Sissi vase. Stoneware and porcelain

Stefanie Prießnitz with necklace

Stefanie Prießnitz with pearl necklace. White gold, silver, freshwater pearls, steal

Victoria Tobostai with lamp

Victoria Tobostai with Steinbock (ibex) lamp, 2014. Clay, glazes, gold, H 92 cm, W 52 cm. In Circassian culture the worshipping of animals plays a great role. Ibexes, stags, elks and horses were seen as sacred cosmic creatures. 3200 €

Monika Assem with bag and necklace

Monika Assem with Bo bag. Vachette leather, metal and Jeanne necklace, Vachette leather, pressure cap

Ulrike Sandner with mortar and lemon pestle and Anne Rößler with dinner service

Ulrike Sandner with mortar and lemon pestle, and Anne Rößler with her Britannia dinner service, stamped with cobalt oxide decor

Susanne Goldbach with bowl

Susanne Goldbach with silver bowl. Fired enamel

Sabine Kilb with scarf and shopper bag

Sabine Kilb with her scarf, linen loop with eco-print, and shopper bag, cotton with eco-print

Photos Miriam Künzli