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Discover ceramic objects by Elke Sada and current jewelry pieces by Claudia Steiner, Domus Aurea and Friederike Rohse in our Showroom


Elke Sada

Leipzig, Germany /

Elke Sada. Photo Anthony Girardi
Elke Sada. Photo Anthony Girardi
Bowl <em>Capriccio</em>. Photo Anthony Girardi
Bowl Capriccio. Photo Anthony Girardi
Nest <em>Salon Chinoise II</em>. Photo Christoph Kremtz
Nest Salon Chinoise II. Photo Christoph Kremtz
Vase <em>Panurus biarmicus</em> from the <em>Hallstatt</em> series. Photo Anthony Girardi
Vase Panurus biarmicus from the Hallstatt series. Photo Anthony Girardi


Claudia Steiner

Vienna, Austria /

Claudia Steiner rings

Rings Woodstone. Silver. Also available as pendant and earrings at Atelier Schmuckstelle, Vienna, Austria


Domus Aurea

Stuttgart, Germany /

Sketch, molds
Sketch, molds
Nugget chain, 999.9 ‰ fine gold
Nugget chain, 999.9 ‰ fine gold


Friederike Rohse

Hamburg, Germany /

Frederike Rohse Ring

Ring (Fisch)auge sei wachsam (Fish eye be vigilant). 3 × 7 cm. Photo CTL-Presse Clemens-Tobias Lange

Friederike Rohse’s enamel jewelry is appealing thanks to its rich forms and colors. This jewelry designer enamels both massive molded parts (e.g. her coveted little lemons) and planar pieces. The fish is a recurrent motif: it accompanies her artistic creation not only in her jewelry, but also in her sketches. As a gallerist, Friederike Rohse displays the work of the jewelry artist Vera Rhodius, the book artist and sculptor Till Verclas, and Ellen Luise’s sketches and objects.