Natural and unaffected

Positive response to the EUNIQUE-PORTRAITS created on 8 and 9 May 2015 at the International Fair for Applied Arts and Design in Karlsruhe.

The name EUNIQUE is a word coined from the initials of a united Europe “EU” and the word “unique”. We wanted this to be reflected in the EUNIQUE Portraits that Miriam Künzli produced for Art Aurea. The Swiss photographer with roots in Munich photographed altogether 28 designers. The objective of the campaign was and is to generate public relations promotion for authentic design culture, such as that being presented to the public in Karlsruhe for the 6th time this year. In addition to being shown in our own publications, the photographs are available to the participants for their own press work. The following comment from jewellery designer Annette Lechler is typical of the many positive reactions: “I can only confirm that I too enjoyed the project very much and was pleasantly surprised at how natural the photos turned out to be in the shortness of the time available and given the tenseness of a trade fair situation, the ones taken of me too. I would welcome it greatly if this project were to be continued – not least to make the creators behind the works visible too, and this in a natural and unaffected way in connection with their work. Thank you very much for this project!” Thank you Annette Lechler for this favourable assessment, and thanks to all the participants. We would also like to thank Miriam Künzli who once again – as already for the “Who wears my art?” action at the Munich Jewellery Week in March – demonstrated her exceptional stamina in Karlsruhe. And here, to close, is Part Three of the EUNIQUE-PORTRAITS.

Anette Lechler with necklace

Annette Lechler with Torsion pod bracelet, 925 silver, steel, and bridge necklace, 925 silver, steel

Friederike Maltz with necklace and salad servers

Friederike Maltz with Fünfeck (pentagon) necklace, anodized aluminium, silver, and salad servers, forged stainless steel

Stefanie Wiebelhaus with coat

Stefanie Wiebelhaus with coat

Gabriele Heinz with necklace

Gabriele Heinz with necklace. Natural amber, sterling silver, fine gold, palladium

Britta Jonas and Irina Claußnitzer with scarves

Britta Jonas and Irina Claußnitzer with scarves. Printed silk

Katharina Lauffer with necklace

Katharina Lauffer with Noboru Wataya necklace, 2014. Opaline glass, plexi glass, reconstructed coral, freshwater pearl, 925 silver

Marianne Wurst with trousers

Marianne Wurst with trousers

Philine-Johanna Kempf with paper object

Philine-Johanna Kempf with paper object. Paper, fur, cofee powder, H 65 cm

Dora Kelemen-Heim with earrings, necklace and pin

Dora Kelemen-Heim, creadóra, with earrings, 935 silver, necklace, 935 silver, and pin, 935 silver

Éric Wilmot with bar and glasses

Éric Wilmot with Scroctch bar, wengé, bubinga wood and mouth-blown drinking glasses

Photos Miriam Künzli

Text Reinhold Ludwig