Inhorgenta News, Part I

Jewelry Design in Munich

Since 1973, Munich’s Inhorgenta fair has been showcasing novelties in the watches, jewelry, gemstones and related genres.  Here some works of the designers in hall C2.

Vera Rhodius

Burgbrohl / Germany / / Inhorgenta Munich Hall C2 Stand 120


Modul 1, versatile pendant, earring or pin. Silver, nylon flock.

 Oliver Schmidt

Pforzheim / Deutschland / / Inhorgenta München Hall C2 Stand 303


Schlaufenringe rings. Stainless steel, diamond pavé. From 850 €.

A founding member of the Juni Group, the designer and silversmith Oliver Schmidt has pursued his own path since the end of 2014. Schmidt attracted admiring attention with his diverse, wrought, knot rings. Now he debuts a new variant at Inhorgenta in Munich: his elegant Schlaufenring features pavé that runs outward from the ring’s middle in a wonderfully sculptural way. The form is based on a loop or lemniscate, i.e. the geometrical figure shaped like a horizontal figure of eight.

Andrea Sohne

Idar-Oberstein / Deutschland / / Inhorgenta München Hall C2 Stand 136


Uncommon gemstone engravings.

Stefanie Prießnitz

Pforzheim / Germany / / Inhorgenta Munich Hall C2 Stand 226


Rings, silver and 750 gold in various tones.

A person who is aflame with passion can easily be “wrapped around one’s little finger.” Stefanie Prießnitz has created a unique interpretation of this phrase, which means – in the best case – to lovingly persuade someone to do one’s bidding. The idea of a wound thread to wear on the finger is materialized in the diverse hues of 18 karat gold. Partner rings and wedding rings are the appealing results.

 Dagmar Lübke

Pforzheim / Germany / / Inhorgenta Munich Hall C2 Stand 125


Rings from the Asper collection. Silver, enamel.


Konstanz / Germany / / Inhorgenta Munich Halle C2 Stand 325


Brooch/Pendant Gewinner. Silk, oxidized silver. 1. Prize “Schmuck Award 2014 – Innovation”. Ring and Earrings from the collection Frisch Gewickelt. Oxidized silver.


Johanna Otto

Gilching / Germany / / Inhorgenta Munich Hall C2 Stand 315


Rings from the Taublatt collection. 750 yellow gold, brilliant.

 Artemis Zafrana

Hannover / Germany / / Inhorgenta Munich Hall C2 Stand 133


Brooch Schwung. Silver.

 Vincent van Hees

Haelen / The Netherlands / / Inhorgenta Munich Hall C2 Stand 202


Ring BIB. 585 yellow gold, freshwater pearl.

Monika Jakubec

Munich / Germany / / Inhorgenta Munich Hall C2 Stand 335


Rings Olive. Silver, synthetic resin.


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