Good Things

Showroom from the current printed issue on the topic "Good Things" with international crafts and design

What’s good? The question isn’t so easy to answer, and everyone will surely answer it differently. In craft and design, an object is often regarded as “good” when it unites functionality with aesthetics, quality and innovation. This also applies to the objects in our showroom about the theme of “Good Things.”

Christof Lungwitz

Showroom Good Things

3 Schalen für Nichts. Wood, mixed media, L 55 × B 26 × H 8 cm. Photo Brigitte Lerho


Showroom Good Things

Collier Hora aus der Kollektion Black Dress, 2015. Bernstein, vergoldetes Silber, Edelkoralle, schwarzer Spinnell, Diamanten


Showroom Good Things

Dazzle brooch / pendant. Blackened silver, platinum, 24 brilliants

Romy Kraft

Romy Kraft, Chocolate Renaissance

Chocolate Renaissance gaiters. Mixed textile fabric, jacquard

Sabine Reichert

Showroom Good Things

Three brooches. Silver, polished acrylic. Photo David Franck

Gisela Kulling

Showroom Good Things

Perlenseile necklace. Patinated bronze, freshwater pearls, stainless steel

Ingrid Rügemer

Ingrid Rügemer

Polarity & Unity No. 3 bowl objects. Earthenware and copper / brass

Jessica Herber

Showroom Good Things

childhood necklace. 585 gold-plated silver, aquamarine, rose quartz

Stephan Flick

<em>Tafelrunde</em> table. Recycled furniture made of old blackboards
Tafelrunde table. Recycled furniture made of old blackboards

Ottilie Dreier

Showroom Ottilie Dreier

Ornamente einer 1000-jährigen Stadt. Iron and 999 gold