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With the relocation of her gallery from Berlin-Mitte to Fasanenstrasse, Beate Brinkmann returns to Berlin-Charlottenburg where, under her own name, she takes over the premises formerly occupied by Galerie Stühler. The surroundings opposite Literature House and close to Kurfürstendamm could hardly be more elegant, so this gallerist increasingly highlights the dialogue between classically modern design in noble materials and international positions of the contemporary avant-garde in art jewelry. She also represents the classical Modern period with her own pieces. With their sculptural and minimalistic shapes, her “insert” and “endless” collections number among the best known classics of modern jewelry design.

Broschen Calders. Gold 900, Silber 925, Unikate signiert. MJC Winner 2010.

Dagmar Stühler, brooches Calders. 900 gold, 925 silver, unique copies signed. MJC Winner 2010.

Angela Hübel, Ring Sunshine. Roségold 750, Brillanten. MJC Winner 2013.

Angela Hübel, ring Sunshine. 750 rose gold, brillants. MJC Winner 2013.

Michaela Binder, Brosche aus der Kollektion laminati mille colori. Komposition schwarz-weiß. Laminat, Silber, Filz.

Michaela Binder, brooch from the collection laminati mille coloriComposition black-white. Laminate, silver, felt.

Beate Brinkmann, Armreife. Silber, Gold.

Beate Brinkmann, bracelets. silver, gold.

Uli Biskup, Halsschmuck tutu_anker. Silber 925, geschwärzt.

Uli Biskup, necklace tutu_anker. 925 silver, oxidised.

Appears in ART AUREA 4-2014

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