The Looshaus in Austria

Built by Adolf Loos

An alpine guesthouse near Vienna: “Simply let go!” says the tempting invitation. Yearnings are transformed into pleasures 60 kilometers south of Austria’s capital city. The Zeit writes: people who are looking for “vacations without frills”, and who appreciate peace, simplicity and friendly hospitality will be delighted. And I can confirm the truth of it: this is an enchanting place, with outstanding food and an incomparable location with a panoramic view.loos-haus1

“Don’t try to build in a picturesque way. Simply allow the walls, the mountains and the sun to work their magic,” wrote Adolf Loos (1870–1933), who followed his own good advice in 1930 when he built the Landhaus am Kreuzberg for Paul Khuner, an industrialist in the foodstuffs business. The edifice is a late opus of the architect and theoretician of the classical modern period, who achieved global renown with texts such as “Ornament and Crime”. The Khuner Family sold the Looshaus to the Schicht Family. The house survived the Second World War and was acquired in 1959 by Ilse Wurdack, who restored it and converted into a hotel and restaurant. She is the grandmother of the Steiner Siblings, who are its present owners. All rooms have been kept in their original condition; each one is appealing thanks to reduction to the bare essentials and each has its own unique character. Granted protection as an architectural landmark in 1963, the Looshaus has been operated by its owning family for the past five decades.

Chef Hanna Sehn, née Steiner, prefers fresh products from the region. Her menu includes refined Austrian classics and seasonal specialties. Her husband Adolf Sehn is a hunter and butcher, so he’s responsible for putting wild game on the dining table. Norbert Steiner takes care of the service and the wine cellar. Each guest feels like a king at the Looshaus, where the hosts personally yet unobtrusively and warmheartedly look after their guests. This is an absolutely authentic venue, not only for fans of architecture, but for everyone who simply longs
to “let go!”

Text Miriam Schreinzer, Manager of Bludenz Kultur gGmbH

Alpenhof Kreuzberg
Hotel-Restaurant Looshaus
Kreuzberg 60
2650 Payerbach, Austria
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