Metamorphoses of ceramics

Looking back and looking forward - Galerie Handwerk Munich from January 13 to February 18, 2023.

Galerie Handwerk München has been showing ceramic exhibitions for over 30 years. Since the turn of the millennium, the gallery even opens its exhibition program in January with a ceramic presentation. Thus, many international contributions from the most diverse countries and regions of Europe, from overseas, Japan and Korea have been presented in Munich. With these exhibitions, Galerie Handwerk has given itself a focal theme that serves in a special way to promote and explain contemporary ceramics. This focus in the exhibition program will be maintained in 2023. The ceramic enthusiasts can thus get an overview of this exciting topic of craft, applied and sometimes also fine art in a continuous way.

In his stoneware sculptures, Eric Astoul explores the harmony between form and the mineralization created by fire.

Friederike Zeit Narum, chance of perspective. Ceramic sculptures are becoming increasingly popular both in the ceramic scene and among visual artists.

“In January 2023, we would like to look back a little and look ahead at the same time,” Wolfgang Lösche says. “Thus, ceramicists will be invited whom we have accompanied over many years, but also those in whom we could discover exciting new things and who belong to a younger generation.”

Martin Neubert, ceramic sculpture Father and Son.

The theme of the exhibition is the process of transformation that is so evident in the creation of ceramics. The interplay of the characteristics of the clay and the colors that change in the glow, and the artistic intention of the artist who creates fascinating objects through surface, shape and expression. 

Nathalie Doyen, evision 2, 2018, colored stonewar pecked with a needle, 38 x 36 x 28 cm. Photo Gilman.

Sarah Pschorn belongs to the younger generation of contemporary ceramic artists. Vase object Green Rose. ©Jakob Adolphi.

The exhibition at Munich’s Galerie Handwerk features the following ceramicists: Kerstin Abraham, Eric Astoul, Thomas Bohle, Stefanie Brehm, Claudi Casanovas, Claude Champy, Michael Cleff, Bernard David, Monika Debus, Nathalie Doyen, Erikson, Nandl Eska, Morten Løbner Espersen, Hans Fischer, Jean-François Fouilhoux, Karl Fulle, Pascal Geoffroy, Jean-Nicolas Gérard, Jan Herzog, Kap-Sun Hwang, Kiho Kang, Heidi Kippenberg, Torbjørn Kvasbø, Young-Jae Lee, Uwe Löllmann, Madola, Akihiro Maeta, Bodil Manz, Enric Mestre, Christoph Möller, Johannes Nagel, Svein Narum, Aino Nebel, Martin Neubert, Heide Nonnenmacher, Sarah Pschorn, Renée Reichenbach, Anima Roos, Hervé Rosseau, Antje Scharfe, Klaus Schultze, Jeff Shapiro, Rudolf Strasser, Keiyona C. Stumpf, Margit Tingleff, Claire Verkoyen, Nina Zahl, Friederike Zeit, Song Zhifeng.

  • Galerie Handwerk
    Max-Joseph-Straße 4
    80333 Munich
  • Opening: Thursday, January 12, 2023, 6:30 pm. 
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