Munich Highlights Jewelry and Crafts

As part of the IHM (International Crafts Fair), Handwerk & Design provides an important forum for the arts and crafts sector. Also Fantastic: Munich Jewelry Week.

Alongside numerous designers, many associations and schools likewise use “Handwerk&Design” as an opportunity to present themselves. For example, alongside works by its members, the Bavarian Arts and Crafts Association (Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein) will once again present the winners and finalists of the annual BKV Award for Young Arts and Crafts. Much international attention has been attracted to the three curated special shows Exempla, Schmuck and Talente, which are organized by the Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria under the direction of Wolfgang Lösche. 

Necklace Rose by Doerthe Fuchs. To be seen at the Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein at Handwerk & Design. Hall B1, booth 446.

Le Ye-Jee, ring series Collected Animals, on display at the BKV booth at Handwerk & Design in Munich.

The largest area is dedicated to Exempla, which focuses on boatbuilding this year. Boatbuilders, shipwrights, ropemakers and makers of sails, tarpaulins, rigging, propellers and nautical instruments can be seen at work and their creations can be admired in the “Living Workshops.” Among the exhibits are birchbark canoes made by Artem Lemberg from the Siberian taiga. The Empacher company from Eberbach (near Heidelberg) manufactures top-class rowing boats for racing. 

Form and function in perfection: sliding jib from Avantgarde Technologie. This and other boats at the special exhibition Exempla, Handwerk & Design.

The rowing boats of Avantgarde Technologie are handmade from 100% carbon fiber at the manufactory in Gilching. The Heistracher boatyard at Lake Chiemsee develops boats for electric motors and combines fiberglass plastic with mahogany. The Danish company Elvstrøm Sails succeeded in making the first sail from recycled plastic bottles. Wolfgang Meiler from Gauting, who specializes in repairing and restoring old wooden boats, will restore a mast at Exempla. Finally, the Boat and Shipbuilders Guild of Bavaria, the State Vocational School for Boatbuilders and the Vocational School of the Lübeck Chamber of Crafts will also be present. 

With a selection of young designers up to the age of 35, Talente is the seismograph among the special shows. Each year, the most promising designers are selected from hundreds of applications. What counts here are fresh ideas, surprising explorations of material and the questioning of traditional thinking.

Lidded jars open, Hertwig Askan at Handwerk & Design. BKV, Hall B1, Booth 446.

Munich Jewellery Week

Complementing Handwerk & Design at the IHM, artists from all over the world show their work in numerous exhibitions throughout the Munich city area. This PDF Jewelry in Munich provides information about it (please double-click).

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