25th Zeughausmesse at the KühlhausBerlin

About 100 designers and artists from all areas of arts and crafts are looking forward to the visitors.

The 25th Zeughausmesse in Berlin presents high-quality utilitarian and art objects that promise sensual experiences in daily life. The spectrum includes artistically designed jewelry, glass, ceramics, carpets and home accessories, shoes, vessels, lamps and many other exciting objects. Approximately 100 artists and craftspeople will be on hand to explain their techniques and materials, as well as to provide information on the creation stories, inspirations and development of their works. For many years, the Zeughausmesse, which is organized by the Berufsverband Angewandte Kunst Berlin-Brandenburg, has shown the largest selection of high-quality applied art that Berlin has to offer in one place. In addition to numerous Berlin-based designers, the participants come from all over Germany and abroad.

Claudia Westhaus

Claudia Westhaus, brooch, Lamello series, silver 925, hand-mounted, photo Michael Marczok.

Nora Kovats

Nora Kovats, object mermaid egg, enamel, copper, silver, beads, neon yellow fishing line, neon apatite, photo Nora Kovats.

Students from the product design/ceramic and glass design department of Burg Giebichenstein in Halle will present their works from the current year in two exhibitions: “Delicious” and “Contain.” The design process of “Contain” focuses on the uses of vessels and the associated demands made of them. From a stylistic point of view, many exciting design questions arise here, for example, the interaction of a vessel’s two parts, the accuracy of their fit and the tolerances. The “Delicious” design project focuses on the requirements of caterers and restaurateurs as they apply to the creation of innovative porcelain and glass with a new feel, look and use. 

Ulrike Isensee, colorful scarf with woven rectangles and stripes, hand-woven from silk and cotton, 80 × 35 × 30 cm. Photo Ulrike Isensee.

The Applied Art Award of the Berliner Volksbank is presented annually at the Zeughausmesse in Berlin. A jury of experts selects four artists from among all exhibitors and honors the winners for their outstanding achievements. The prize is an important step in the artistic and economic development of its winners. The fair has been held at the German Historical Museum since 2004. Due to comprehensive renovation and reorientation, the Zeughausmesse will now take place in the KühlhausBerlin. The fair is presently looking for a new museum to serve as its long-term partner.

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