Schmuck+ extra at the old slaughterhouse in Pforzheim.

Annual exhibition is to become an integral part of Pforzheim's urban culture.

The “Schmuck+ extra” sales exhibition will take place for the first time this year on the premises of the “Gewerbekultur Alter Schlachthof Pforzheim.” The organizers in Pforzheim explain that the word “extra” added to the show’s name stands for the special modifications necessitated by the current coronavirus situation. Conceived as a forum for creatively sophisticated contemporary jewelry and objects of everyday culture, this summer’s event will be organized in cooperation with Gewerbekultur Alter Schlachthof Pforzheim.

Schmuck+ extra

The rooms of the Gewerbekultur Alter Schlachthof Pforzheim offer plenty of space for the first sales exhibition Schmuck+ extra.

Schmuck+ extra is the prelude to an annually recurring exhibition that is destined to become a permanent feature of Pforzheim’s urban culture. It replaces the “Lust auf Schmuck” exhibition at, which can no longer take place in Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim because of the pandemic.

The show’s initiators Stefanie Prießnitz, Regina Rieber and Kerstin Mayer explain: “While the pandemic continues, Pforzheim’s former slaughterhouse is the optimal location to present art and culture in a spacious setting. With its rough and raw industrial charm, the generously proportioned building offers ample room, floor space and light to provide us jewelry makers with an excellent venue to exhibit and present our work.” Diverse and interesting spatial situations are available that can be quite individually designed and played with.

Schlachthof Pforzheim

The former old slaughterhouse at Pforzheim, an ideal place, in the times of the pandemic.

Designers and workshops of contemporary design-oriented and/or artistic jewelry and objects are eligible to participate in Schmuck+ extra. Students at colleges of design and pupils of goldsmith schools and the vocational college for jewelry are likewise eligible. Only self-developed products may be exhibited and offered for sale. Commercial merchandise is not permitted.

Stefanie Prießnitz also sees the event in view of the upcoming “Ornamenta 2024” in 2024.

  • Schlachthof Pforzheim
    Kleiststraße 2
    75177 Pforzheim
  • Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Link

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