New Edition of the MK&G Fair

The comprehensively rejuvenated fair begins at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg on November 23, 2021.

Seventy-two exhibitors, selected by a jury of experts, will present objects embodying a wide variety of materials, techniques and designs that offer fresh perspectives on traditional crafts. Visitors at the MK&G Fair can look forward to an attractive, exciting and excellent marketplace for international crafts. The high quality of the MK&G Fair is further assured by the participation of eight individuals who won the Justus Brinckmann award between 2002 to 2019. The conferral of this year’s award, which is valued at 7,500 euros, is eagerly awaited on the evening of November 23, as is the presentation of the 2,500-euro Justus Brinckmann Sponsorship Award.

Ulla und Martin Kaufmann, Justus Brinckmann Preis

Ulla and Martin Kaufmann, Justus Brinckmann Prize winners 2006, rings Three times pyrite, the sture, quarry, cube, 750 gold, pyrite, photo M. Hoffmann.

Antje Dienstbir, Justus Brinckmann Preis

Antje Dienstbir, Justus Brinckmann Award winner 2014. Two mugs, copper, h 7.2 cm, Ø 8.0 cm / h 8.1 cm, Ø 7.7 cm, thermal coloring. Photo Antje Dienstbir.

Exciting supporting events

Also new is the presence of an international design ambassador at the MK&G Fair 2021. The organizers – the Justus Brinckmann Gesellschaft (JBG) and the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (MK&G) – are looking forward to the participation of Křehký from Prague, a renowned Czech brand that has earned an excellent reputation worldwide since 2010 by inviting international designers and producing limited editions.

Klára Šumová & Veronika Vlková, Jan Šrámek

Klára Šumová & Dirk Wright, Literary Vase, 2021. Klára Šumová & Veronika Vlková, Jan Šrámek, Literary Vase, 2021. photo Tomas Hercog.

Křehký and its representatives will not be only ones invited to the podium as part of the associated supporting program at the MK&G Fair, which takes place this year with a shorter duration from November 24 to 28. Other events will focus, for example, on the topic of “Author’s Jewelry” and introduce visitors to jewelry collecting, discuss “Current Textile Positions at HAW Hamburg” or explore the topic of “Crafts as an Investment.” With the participation of renowned experts, these forums will be moderated by Tulga Beyerle (director of the MK&G), Marlo Scheder-Bieschin (deputy chairwoman of the JBG) and others.

Freed from a dusty image

The exhibition program of the rejuvenated MK&G Fair aims to show contemporary references and new trends in traditional international crafts, to free crafts from their frumpy image and to present them in a new light. The creative processing of high-quality natural materials such as wood, wool, metal, glass, paper and clay, along with the use of waste and recycled materials, respond to current needs for greater sustainability and durability.

Elke Sada, MKG

Elke Sada, Pink meets Blue (different views) 2021, stoneware, dyed pink, engobe, glaze, 17.5 x 14.0 x 17.5 cm. Photo Jakob Adolphi.

The wide range of beautiful, high-quality, unique jewelry, art and objects for daily use shines a spotlight on the appreciation of genuine production processes in modern manufactories and resource-oriented consumption habits.

The 72 participants were selected from a field of 163 applications and invited to participate in this year’s edition of the new MK&G Fair. The international spectrum includes designers from South Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, Iran, the Caucasus, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey and Uruguay. The German exhibitors come from Kiel to Allgäu and from Leipzig to Leverkusen, along with eleven colleagues who live nearby in Hamburg. Five additional craftspeople from various European cities will likewise present their latest creations in Hamburg.

Aset Bogatyreva, mkg fair

Aset Bogatyreva, Cap AB Cruise, cashmere yarns, Panama knitting pattern, hand knitted, L 28.0 cm, photo Aleksander Orlov.

Focus on the categories of jewelry/metal and ceramics

More than half of the participants will be showing creative interpretations in the category of jewelry and metal. The ceramic objects are similarly distinguished by a wide variety of classical and experimental forms, color schemes and treatments of materials: with 14 exhibiting ceramists, these pieces comprise a second large group at the MK&G Fair. The artifacts in the textile category radiate an extraordinary aura of physicality. Last but by no means least, the categories of glass and wood will also be represented at the MK&G Fair, albeit on a smaller scale.

  • MK&G Fair
    Museum of Arts and Crafts Hamburg
    Steintorplatz 1
    20099 Hamburg
  • 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    Thursday: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Link

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