Georg Dobler and Margit Jäschke

New works by Margit Jäschke and Georg Dobler at Galerie Slavik in Vienna.

Gallery Slavik begins its exhibition round in the fall of 2021 with the presentation of „Facetten – Reich“ [Multi-faceted]. Both jewelry artists have been closely associated with Galerie Slavik for a long time.

Georg Dobler, Galerie Slavik

Georg Dobler, Nose beetle brooch, silver with rock crystal drop, blackened silver, l 8 cm.

Margit Jaeschke, Galerie Slavik

Margit Jaeschke, brooch, silver fine gold plated, plastic.

Many-faceted indeed are the oeuvres of both artists, and so is their indirect collaboration. They both work in their own, separate ateliers, and at first sight their work is very different. On closer inspection, however, one constantly notices the depth of their attachment as partners and the fruits of their mutual inspiration.

Margit Jäschke’s art jewellery is inseparable from her visual artist’s way of thinking. In fact it is hardly possible to draw a line between Margit Jäschke the visual artist and Margit Jäschke the jewellery and object artist. This rich cross-fertilization results in a great and exuberant freedom.

Georg Dobler’s work displays reflections of nature in all its facets. He plays skilfully with geometry and illusions of geometry and draws rich inspiration from the facets of crystals and gemstones.

Margit Jaeschke, Galerie Slavik

Margit Jaeschke, necklace, silver fine gold plated, plastic.

Georg Dobler, Galerie Slavik

A preference of Georg Dobler are magnificent gemstones. Brooch and ring, 2018. oxidized silver, synthetic spinels.

While their joint exhibitions at home and abroad bring out the differences between the artists’ two positions, they also reveal how well and fruitfully they complement each other. Not for nothing are their works collected and exhibited by museums and galleries all over the world!

  • Galerie Slavik
    Himmelpfortgasse 17
    1010 Vienna
  • Vernissage: Thursday, 16. 09. 2021, 6 - 9 pm, Vienna City Gallery Walk.
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