ATTA Gallery

The jewelry gallery from Bangkok wanted to exhibit for the 5th time at the now canceled Handwerk&Design.

ATTA Gallery is the first and only gallery in Thailand that specializes in contemporary art jewelry. After its opening in November of 2010, ATTA Gallery has been active in the scene of contemporary jewelry both locally and internationally since. The gallery works with local and international artists, well-established and emerging artists in order to promote and expose contemporary jewelry to the new frontier and to widen the audience base outside of Europe. ATTA Gallery promotes the expression of “Self” through original works of contemporary jewelry by artists, as well as encouraging clients to choose and wear pieces that are expressive of who they are regardless of trends. ATTA Gallery has also been actively promoting the use of contemporary jewelry through a campaign #whowearscontemporaryjewerly on social media platforms. It is our belief that the more people are exposed to images of everyday people wearing contemporary jewelry, the more they could connect and feel a sense of ease in wearing contemporary jewelry as well.

Jess Dare, Atta Gallery

Jess Dare, Making Time pendants, 2019. Powder coated brass, archival wax. Photo Grant Hancock.

With 6-7 main exhibitions and 7-10 mini exhibitions each year, the gallery promotes its gallery artists as well as artists whose works reflect our motto of “self-expression”. The gallery also collaborates with galleries abroad every other year in having exchange exhibitions to encourage cultural exchange and to co-promote artists outside of their home bases.

Apinya Boonprakob, Atta Gallery

Apinya Boonprakob, … to have and to hold from this day forward … necklace, 2019. Batik stamp, brass, crystal, silver.

ATTA Gallery planned participating in Frame for the 5th time in 2020. It has been our mission to bring and promote works by Asian/Pacific artists at Frame. This year should not be different. ATTA Gallery had planned representing artists from Thailand, Japan, Korea, Australia and Chile. “There should be a featured artist section at our stand for the first time this year and our first featured artist should be Yuki Sumiya from Japan.”

Yuki Sumiya, Atta Gallery

Yuki Sumiya Something 1 brooch, 2019.  Stocking, urushi, pigment, sand, 14K fold, stainless steel.

Text: Atinuj Tantivit

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