Innovative Thinking through Craftsmanship

The “Crafting New Perspectives” exhibition aims to promote innovative thinking in companies.

Can arts and crafts inspire new thinking in companies? Can craftsmanship strengthen the often elusive principles of a culture of innovation? Ingrid Ruegemer and Oliver Szasz, who founded the “Culturesphere” company in 2018, are convinced of this. Their first exhibition is organized by Gmund Paper in Gmund am Tegernsee.

Emmanuel Heringer, Culturesphere

Emmanuel Heringer from Schechen in Bavaria in the “Crafting New Perspectives” exhibition. His monumental baskets invite viewers to actively experience a change of perspective.

Laurenz Stockner, Culturesphere

Masterfully forged bowls by Laurenz Stockner from South Tyrol are on display in the “Crafting New Perspectives” Exhibition.

Michal Fargo, Culturesphere

This innovative porcelain vessel by Michal Fargo from Israel is being shown at the exhibition in Gmund. Fargo was also nominated for the 2019 Loewe Craft Prize.

“Crafting New Perspectives” presents works by the following eight artists*: Michal Fargo, Stewart Hearn, Emmanuel Heringer, Susanne Holzinger, Cecil Kemperink, Richard McVetis, Laurenz Stockner andPeter Vogel. They pursue individual and unusual approaches for their creations, which utilize diverse artisanal genres and a wide variety of materials. Culturesphere also presents two paper installations in collaboration with Gmund Paper: these installations are designed to transform this paper manufacturer’s traditional and simultaneously innovative world into a tangible experience for all five senses.

Panel Discussion – Creativity in Times of Digital Change

Alongside the exhibition, there will also be a panel discussion entitled “Promoting creativity – a core competence in times of digital change.” Experts from the worlds of business, journalism, research and the arts will discuss the topic of promoting creativity in the context of tomorrow’s world of work.

The exhibition and panel discussion are part of the two-day event “Innovation Hub – Hello, Future!” in the context of Munich Creative Business Week 2019.
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  • Gmund Papier
    Mangfallstraße 5
    83703 Gmund am Tegernsee
  • 11am–18pm
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