Erfurt City Goldsmith 2020

Since 1994, the state capital city of Erfurt has invited tenders for the honorary office of Erfurt City Goldsmith. Here is the new invitation to tender.

Volker Atrops (Rheurd/D, 2009), Nora Rochel (Karlsruhe/D, 2013) and Eunmi Chun (Munich/D/Korea, 2016) were Erfurt City Goldsmiths in past years. The title will be awarded again in 2020.

Eunmi Chun, Stadtgoldschmiedin Erfurt

City goldsmith 2016 in Erfurt: Eunmi Chun, necklace Spindelbaum, 2016. Pigment, silver, wood. 2016. Photo Eunmi Chun.

Nora Rochel, Erfurt Stadtgoldschmiedin

Nora Rochel, brooch Florilegia. 925 silver, white blanched.

Erfurter Stadtgoldschmiedin 2013, Nora Rochel

Erfurt city goldsmith 2013: Nora Rochel, necklace Crystallized. Silver 925, steel, industrial enamel.

After a public invitation to tender and the jury’s decision, the office of City Goldsmith will be filled from May 1 to July 31, 2020. For this period, the city goldsmith will receive a scholarship totaling 4,000 euros. A furnished apartment and a goldsmith’s atelier in the municipal artist’s workshops will be made available free of charge. A PC with Internet access is available in the guest apartment. The City Goldsmith will live and work in Erfurt during this period, cultivate contacts with jewelry designers in the city and region, and update the public online about his or her work.

The guideline for the title Erfurt City Goldsmith was published as a city council resolution in the official gazette of the city of Erfurt. Here is the link

The state capital city of Erfurt accepts applications, preferably in digital form (PDF & cover letter), until November 30, 2019. Applicants must submit comprehensive documentation (picture and text) of their work to date, as well as a CV. The date of the postmark will be deemed the date of receipt for applications submitted in writing or by post; the date of receipt in the city’s email account will be the date of receipt for digitally submitted documents. Please send your application to:

Landeshauptstadt Erfurt
Kunsthalle Erfurt
Grit Becher
Fischmarkt 7
99084 Erfurt
Fon: +49 361 655-1625

  • Landeshauptstadt Erfurt
    Kunsthalle Erfurt
    Fischmarkt 7
    99084 Erfurt
  • Link

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