Isabella Hund Celebrates with Ulla and Martin Kaufmann

To coincide with the 2018 Crafts Fair, the Munich gallery presents jewelry in masterfully reduced form.

Isabella Hund founded her gallery in 1988 and has ranked among Germany’s foremost protagonists of contemporary jewelry ever since. To coincide with the Crafts Fair and Munich Jewelry Days, she annually stages one-artist shows featuring internationally famed goldsmiths. After Jaqueline Ryan in 2015, Peter Skubic in 2016 and Gigi Mariani in 2017, Isabella Hund presents “Ulla & Martin Kaufmann – Best Of” in 2018. Showcasing the multiply prizewinning designer couple from Hildesheim, this jewelry exhibit is the first highlight with which she celebrates her gallery’s 30th anniversary.

Ulla und Martin Kaufmann, Isabella Hund, jewelry

Ulla & Martin Kaufmann, Bangle Nur Blech [Only Sheet Metal], 1999. 750 gold

Ulla und Martin Kaufmann, Isabella Hund, jewelry

The double ring Bergwerk [Mine], 2016. 750 gold, topaz


Jewelry by Ulla & Martin Kaufmann unites nearly all of the quality characteristics that are also important for gallerists: energetic lightness, floating elegance, artistic depth, magical shine and an almost transcendent play with light and shadow. Every curve, every edge, every detail and above all the marvelously wrought surfaces of the gold bear witness to formal and artisanal perfection that can only be achieved through decades of practice and experience. From a formal point of view, the pieces of jewelry and objects by these two are distinguished by their creators’ intimate involvement with the art of major minimalist artists such as Richard Serra, Donald Judd or Eduardo Chillida. In addition to the reduced form, wearability is always in the focus. Their jewelry simply aims to underscore the personality and beauty of its wearer – and it almost perfectly achieves its goal.

Ulla und Martin Kaufmann, Isabella Hund, jewelry

Bangle Tira, 2015. 750 gold. Photo M. Hoffmann

Ulla und Martin Kaufmann, Isabella Hund, jewelry

During the craft fair at Isabella Hund: Ulla & Martin Kaufmann, necklace 1 Meter, 2015. 750 gold. Photo M. Hoffmann


  • Galerie Isabella Hund
    Frauenplatz 13
    Entrance Schäfflerstraße
    80331 Munich
  • Opening 08.03.2018, 5–9pm
  • Link

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