HammerClub Exhibition 2018

The works and winners of the HammerClub meeting 2018 can be seen until August 4 at the Goldschmiedehaus Hanau.

This years winner of the competition “Favorites” are Beate Leonards, Germany, first prize, Kim Sanghoon, South Korea, second prize, Mana Kehr, Germany, third prize. The annual Silversmith Symposium is always organized by volunteers from among its own ranks, supported by these meetings from major museums across Europe and by benevolent donors and sponsors. In the multi-day events, participants will be offered a range of challenging lectures, discussions, guided tours and workshops. Further program items include the joint forging of a larger work, as well as a competition with an exhibition and the awarding of the HammerClub Awards.

Daphne Spiegel, Hammerclub, Silberschmiedeforum

Daphne Spiegel, bowl, 925 silver, D 49 cm

Exhibition with competition

All silversmiths and silver enthusiasts were invited to submit their current and best work on this year’s exhibition entitled “favorites” with a competition.  Jewelry was not allowed. The exhibition is on display from 4 May to 4 August 2018 in the Silver Hall of the Deutsche Goldschmiedehaus Hanau. A catalog has been published for the exhibition. The awards, three silver sheets, have been judged democratically by all participants of the HammerClub meeting 2018.

The Organization Team of the HammerClub Meeting Hanau 2018 are Bruno Sievering-Tornow, Andreas Decker, Martina Tornow.

Yu-Chin Chang, Hammerclub, Silberschmiedeforum

Yu-Chin Chang, ewer, 925 silver, H 27 cm

Alexandra Schliske, Hammerclub, Silberschmiedeforum

Alexandra Schliske, bowl, anodized aluminum, L 52 cm



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